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R. Alves, Donald
R. Higgins, Eugene
Our Conferences - December 2000
Ramsay, Gordie
Demetrius - September 2009
Applying the Salt - November 2009
Ramsay, Peter - PEI
Ramsey, Gordie
Redpath, Stephen
Reid, Doug
Reid, Douglas
Scriptural Unity - February 2010
Reilly, Bert
Renzi, Dr. Michael
Richards, David
Russia - February 2000
Ritchie, Earl - Vancouver, BC
Ritchie, John
Voices from the Past - November 2005
Robbins, Dale - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Roberts, Laurie - C.A., Toronto
Robertson, David
Robinso, Paul W - Toronto
Robinson , Paul
Robinson, Don
Gospel: My Testimony - October 1999
Robinson, Donald
Robinson, Dr. Paul - Toronto, Canada
Robinson, Paul
Robinson, Paul - Toronto
Rockey, Philip
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Rodgers, Bruce
Question & Answer Forum - September 2015
Rodgers, Michael
Gospel: This is My Story - September 1999
Rodgers, Ross
Rodriguez, Harrys
Rodriguez, Harrys, MD
Ronald, J. A.
Ronald, J. W.
Ronald, James
Ronald, James Sr.
Ronald, Jim Sr.
Ronald, Mark
Ronald, Philip
Fruits of the Bible - August 2011
Rosales, Willy
Roy, Gerard