Defining Moments – Moses

The life of Moses is a helpful study in defining moments. If we were to try to determine which were the defining moments in Moses life, our conclusions would certainly differ from heavens perspective. We would look to the years of education in the palace during which he learned the art of warfare and the qualities of leadership. The education in science and engineering, for which the Egyptians were so well known, would certainly help him in developing a plan to assemble and disassemble the tabernacle as Israel traveled through the wilderness. All of the direction for deportment and diplomacy would stand him well to be Gods ambassador before a nation. For forty years he had the equivalent of Harvard, Princeton, and a Tony Robbins seminar poured into his ears and mind.

What God used in Moses was not defined in those years at the palace in Egypt. What God used were the years he spent at his mothers knee when she taught him, by her example, the importance of faith rather than fear. The weight of her preparation for perhaps five short years was greater than all the knowledge in the world. Hebrews 11 tells us that, as his parents chose, so did he. When the moment came, he turned on the treasures of Egypt and embraced the reproaches of Christ.

Our daily life is a microcosm of our entire life. Think of the importance of early preparation for Moses, in light of taking a little time with God at the beginning of each day. If we are not careful in our daily life, it will be so with our entire life. What we get from God is always more important than all we can get from the world. When things seem certainly hopeless as they did when Moses was born, we need more than ever to depend on God, as did Jochebed.

Later on, we are perplexed by the many years Moses spent in the wilderness alone, without a whisper from God. Surely Gods purpose is stalled for now. Wouldnt it be better to move forward with a deliverance plan? After all, people are dying every day back in Egypt. Why the delay? It is amazing that, when we assume that nothing is being done of any consequence, Gods greatest developments are being made in Moses life. What he learns in the desert is the nature of sheep, the character of the wilderness, and the patience to wait Gods time. These are the things which will make him fit to lead the wayward flock of God through the desert to the Promised Land. Had it not been for the hasty decision to kill an Egyptian soldier, the desert training might not have taken place. From human failure, once again, God found usefulness for himself.

Let us use all of our experience, however unimportant it may seem to us, to gain some value for Christ. Let us place a priority on the preparation of our hearts each day before we face the world, and let us, like Moses, choose the reproaches of Christ above all else. These are the moments which will define us as useful for God.