Go Ye into All the World: Mexico

Progress and Birthpangs

Sprawling over the ruins of the ancient city of Tenochtlitan, in the heart of Mexico lies the metropolis of Mexico City. It sits between the Teotihuacan pyramids and the volcanic Popocatepetl mountain. The city of over two thousand square kilometers has many people (26 million), many religions, many different Christian groups, but we have seen just one small assembly planted there.

The assembly in Mexico City, located in Nezahualcoyotl, has been struggling for some time now. However, a young man in his early twenties, Raul, continues steadfast, in spite of his mother’s sickness, the demands of university, and other difficulties. He takes the gospel to his relatives. Each Saturday he gathers some relatives in one of their homes at the south of the city and preaches the gospel to them. At the hall in Nezahualcoyotl, we are still experiencing difficulties because of being in such a wicked part of the city. The witch lady continues selling her products right beside the hall – sometimes in front, when we don’t have meetings. We have to pass through her shop in order to unlock the big metal doors of the hall.

We are happy to have had some encouragement in Pachuca this year, with three dear sisters added to the fellowship of the assembly. One of them is a young lady who has been coming since the work started in Pachuca eight years ago. At that time, she was a child but now is a mature girl. She professed to be saved in a series of meetings we had in a new area called La Raza. She and her sister, who was received last year, have been a blessing. We were also glad when a believer’s son, 16, professed to be saved. The Lord is working in this family in spite of the father’s opposition to the gospel. We also had the joy of seeing Alicia, the daughter of another dear believer, baptized. Alicia spent her first years of life in the streets of Mexico City on her mother’s back while she begged for food. Now she goes to school, is quite smart, and is very faithful to the meetings of the assembly.

Pachuca is a fast growing city. Many people are moving from Mexico City to escape its stressful life style. We pray this will offer an opportunity to meet some with hearts softened to the Word of God.

We finally moved our little wooden hall from Matilde (where it was used for almost four years) to La Raza. It was not an easy task to do because the hills are very steep up to La Raza. One day, while I was taking the metal sheets for the roof up the hill, all the metal sheets suddenly slid out of the truck and down the hill. I had to carry them all back up the hill and into the truck: 15 sheets, each 23 feet long. Amazingly, none of the neighbors offered to help; they just watched! Jon Nicol and Andrew Fuller arrived to help with the reconstruction of a nice little hall for the gospel and children’s meetings up there.

Ivan is a twelve year old boy, who suffers from cerebral palsy and hemophilia. When I met Ivan the first time he had blood pouring down his face. I took him from the dusty ground and realized he was having a seizure. His house is just two rooms; his mother and stepfather lock him in one of the rooms and leave him alone for hours. We have tried to approach them for a while since they live close to our house. In recent times we have taken Ivan to the Sunday school with his brother, who also has hemophilia, and a sister. His mother has come a few times to the meetings. We had the joy of seeing his stepfather and mother come to the last meeting of our recent conference in Pachuca. A few weeks ago, Ivan sustained a head injury, perhaps abuse. We took him to the hospital. While he was there, my wife took care of his brother and sister for two weeks in our home because his stepfather, who often drinks, is not reliable. His mother took care of Ivan at the hospital while they operated on a cerebral hematoma.

Gerardo is a young, single man who was saved in a series of gospel meetings that brother Kelly and I had in Tizayuca, 15 miles from Pachuca. He is a very nice man and has been coming to the meetings since he was saved. Since his baptism, he has had many difficulties. His family doesn’t sympathize with him very much and recently he lost his job. He is studying in Mexico City so has trouble getting out for meetings. Please pray for him and others of the saints who are experiencing difficulties at this time.

May the Lord send laborers, men and women with tender hearts and a love for the souls, willing to take care of those in misery and on the way to perdition! The needs in this country are many. Please remember the Jason Wahls family, learning the language and getting used to the country. Pray for the Dennisons who recently moved to Hermosillo and look forward to establishing a new work.

May the Lord help us to serve Him with joy and may the Lord put the joy in others that they might come and serve Him!