Tribute: David Jones (2)

David Jones and his wife Evelyn were commended to the work of the Lord in Chile by the South Main Street, Deep Cove, and West Richmond assemblies. Throughout all the years of their faithful service in Chile they were prayed for, and supported, by these three as well as others in North America. We all could name cities and towns in Chile where the gospel was going forth and where new assemblies were formed. We learned a lot about Chile from Dave, but above all, the theme of his reports to us was the spread of the gospel in Chile.

Dave had a very inquisitive mind. He was interested in news from all corners of the world. He loved to hear what was going on. Above all, he was able and willing to discuss the Scriptures privately in the homes of the believers or in Bible readings, an interest which was used to benefit many believers in hundreds of locations in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and far to the north in the USA and Canada. His ministry of the Word was sound, practical, and edifying. He did not indulge in fanciful interpretations.

Dave wanted everything he did to be done right. He wanted to speak Spanish well. He wanted learn as much as possible about the subject at hand, not just to discuss superficialities. He wanted to “rightly divide the Word of truth,” not just deliver sermons. He was careful in legal and financial dealings, keeping thorough and accurate records. He inspired confidence in those with whom he was dealing.

Dave was a devoted husband and father. He was affectionate and respectful. Dave looked for the positive side of every situation; he was not given to criticizing or complaining about his lot. He was an optimist, but more than a mere optimist, He was a man of faith in his God. He will be missed.

We send our condolences to all the workers, foreign and Chilean. In doing so we want to continue to pray and support the Lord’s work in Chile. Dave always spoke respectfully of you all.