Conferences (and cancellations) 2021

Updated: January 7, 2022

This is not be a complete listing and is subject to change. Dates will not be republished unless conference details are submitted to the news editor 2-3 months in advance of the conference. Dates may or may not include a preceding prayer meeting.

In person conference are listed in black text, online conferences in blue, and conference cancellations in red.



Phoenix, AZ – January 14-16.  At the Orangewood Gospel Hall. Friday night prayer meeting at 7:00 pm. Bible Readings will be on Psalm 1 and 2.  A number of preaching brethren have indicated that they will be with us for the conference meetings. If you’ll be attending a brief email to would be appreciated so we can procure suitable accommodations for all.  The hall is located at 7245 N. 29th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051.

Tampa, FL – January 15-16, Youth conference in the North Tampa Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Avenue. Beginning Saturday at 10am. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Gospel 12 noon, Ministry 2pm. Speakers expected are John Dennison, and Andrew Ussher.  There will be an activity planned on Monday, January 17 for all who are able to stay.  These are assembly meetings and believers of all ages are encouraged to attend. For more information and accommodations please contact Gordon Armstrong, Email:; Tel: 813-848 4056.


DeLand, FLFebruary 4-6.  Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Stout, IA – April 8-10, in the gospel hall, 407 3rd Street. Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2pm, Gospel 6:15pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 10am (Hebrews 10: 1-18), Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lunch and Supper will be served both days. Corr. Aric Stickfort, Email:; Cell: 319-404-1809.


Archive of 2020 Dates


Monrovia/Downey, CA – January 3-5

Tatamagouche, NS – January 5

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-12

Phoenix (Orangewood), AZ – January 17-19

Marion, IA – January 25-26


DeLand, FL – February 7-9

Jackson, MI – February 14-16

Arlington, WA – February 15-16  (Youth)

San Diego, CA – To be announced


Cambridge, ON – March 6-8

Matoaca, VA – March 6-8

Turlock, CA – March 21-22 Cancelled

Mt. Sterling, WI – March 27-29 Cancelled


Manchester, CT – April 4-5 Cancelled

Clarksville (Antioch), IA – April 5 Cancelled

East LA /Panorama City /Montebello, CA – April 3-5 (Spanish) Cancelled

Culver City, CA – April 11-12 Cancelled

Gander, NL – April 10-12 Cancelled

Kapuskasing, ON – April 10-12 Cancelled

Nineveh, NS – April 10-12 Cancelled

Stout, IA – April 11-12 Cancelled

Toronto, ON – April 9-11 Cancelled

Vancouver, BC – April 10-12 Cancelled

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA – April 18-19 Cancelled

West Phoenix, AZ – April 19-21 (Spanish) Cancelled

McKeesport, PA – April 25-26 Online (details)

Waukesha, WI – April 25-26 Cancelled


Arlington, WA – May 2-3 (Bible Readings) Cancelled

Charlottetown, NL – May 1-3 Cancelled

Edmonton, AB – May 2-3 (Missionary) Cancelled

Livingston, NJ – May 1-3 Cancelled

Newmarket, ON – May 2 Cancelled

Winnipeg, MB – May 1-3 Cancelled


Toronto, ON – May 9-10 (Missionary) Cancelled

Calgary, AB – May 16-17 Cancelled

Cumberland, MD – May 15-17 Cancelled

Gander Bay, NL – May 15-17 Cancelled

Kitchener, ON – May 16-17 (Spanish) Cancelled

Ottawa, ON – May 15-17 Cancelled

Prince Edward Island, PE – May 16 Online (details)

Hickory/Denver, NC – May 22-24 Cancelled

Sarnia, ON – May 22-24 Cancelled

Grants Pass, OR – May 23-24 Cancelled


Bancroft, ON – June 6 Cancelled

Halifax, NS – June 6-7 Online (details)

Saugus, MA – June 6-7 (Bible Readings) Cancelled

Garnavillo, IA – June 13-14 Cancelled

North Bay, ON – June 13-14 Cancelled

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 12-14 Cancelled

Brampton, ON – June 20-21 Cancelled

Glen Ewen, SK – June 19-21 Cancelled

Augusta, ME – June 27-28 Cancelled

Cornerbrook, NL – June 26-28 Cancelled

Kirkland Lk /Englehart /Earlton, ON – June 27-28 Cancelled

Taylorside, SK – June 26-28 Cancelled


Kamloops, BC – July 3-5 Cancelled

Pugwash Jct, NS – July 4-5 Cancelled

Sioux City, IA – July 18-19 Cancelled

Clinton, ON – July 25 Cancelled


Westbank, BC – July 31-August 1 Online (details here)


Akron, OH – September 4-6 Cancelled

Beetown, WI – September 7 Cancelled

Arlington/Marysville, WA – September 5 Online (details at

Clementsvale, NS – September 5-6 Online (details at

Fogo, NL – September 4-6 Cancelled

Fort McMurray, AB – September 4-6 Cancelled

Hampton, IA – September 5-6 Cancelled

Kansas City, MO – September 5-6 Cancelled

Kitchener, ON – September 12 Cancelled

Ankeny,  IA – September 12-13 Cancelled

Hardwick,  VT – September 12-13 – Cancelled

Chapman Valley /Parry Sound, ON – Cancelled

Arnstein, ON – September 18-20 Cancelled

Hitesville, IA – September 19-20 Cancelled

Midland Park, NJ – September 18-20 Online (details posted at

Anchorage, AK – September 25-27 Cancelled

Joliet, IL – September 26-27 Cancelled

Manchester, IA – September 26-27 Cancelled

Mississauga, ON – September 25-27 Online (details will be posted at


Clinton, ON – Cancelled

Roseisle, MB – October 3-4 Cancelled

Sussex, NB – October 3-4 Cancelled

Victoria Road, ON – October 3-4 Cancelled

Blue River, WI – October 10-11 Cancelled

Cape Breton, NS – October 10-11 Cancelled

Paradise Valley /Mervin, AB /SK – October 9-11 Cancelled

St. Thomas, ON – October 10-11 Cancelled

Vancouver, BC – October 10-11 Online (details in Tidings)

Brandon, MB – October 12 Cancelled

Edmonton, AB – October 16-18 Cancelled

L’Anse au Loup, NL – October 16-18 Cancelled

Lindsay, ON – October 18 Cancelled

Calgary, AB – To be announced (Youth) Cancelled

La Crosse, WI – October 24-25 Cancelled

Livonia, MI – October 24-25 Online (details will be posted at

Parson’s Pond, NL – October 24-25 Cancelled

St. John’s, NL – October 31 Online (details to follow)

Saskatoon, SK – October 30-November 1 Cancelled

Newington, CT – October 30-November 1 Cancelled


Alpena, AR – November 7-8

London, ON – November 7-8 Cancelled

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA – November 13-15 Cancelled

Oshawa, ON – November 14 Cancelled

Blues Mills, NS – November 14-15 Online (details to follow)

Oil Springs, ON – November 14-15 Cancelled

Phoenix (Garfield), AZ – November 25-27

Maberly, ON – November 28 Cancelled


Saugus, MA – December 4-5 Cancelled



Jackson, MI – February 12-14 Cancelled.

Arlington, WA – February 13 (Youth) Online.


Clarksville (Antioch), IA – April 4 Cancelled

Toronto, ON – April 2-3 Online, details here.

Toronto, ON – April 2-3 (Missionary) Online, details here.

Stout, IA – April 10-11 with prayer meeting on Friday, April 9th, at 7:00pm. Ministry begins on Saturday at 10am. Lord’s day: Bible reading (Colossians 1: 12-20) 9am, Breaking of Bread 10:30am. All meetings held in the Gospel Hall.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA – April 17-18 Online. Saturday, 2:00-3:00pm Missionary report by Jim McMasters, 3:00-4:00pm Ministry by Gaius Goff, 6:30-7:30 pm Gospel by Gaius Goff & Brody Thibodeau. Sunday 2:00-3:00pm Missionary report by Alan Clark (El Salvador), 3:00-4:00pm Ministry by Stephen Grant, 6:30-7:30pm Gospel by Alan Clark & Clive Barber.


Calgary, AB – May 15-16 Cancelled

Ottawa, ON – May 22, online, Bible Reading at 1pm on 2 Corinthians 1, “The God of Encouragement and Promise,” led by Bruce Rodgers, followed by Ministry from 2-4pm and Gospel at 7pm.  Details at

PEI – May 22-23, online. Saturday: Ministry 6-8pm. Sunday: Ministry 2-4:45pm, Gospel 7-8pm. Details at


Pugwash Junction, NSJuly 3-4 Cancelled


Arlington, WA – September 4, changed to online via Zoom due to a COVID-19 outbreak and a second day may be added. Brandon Doll, David Petterson, Dan Shutt, and David Vallance will be sharing in the ministry and the Gospel.

Akron, OH – September 5, online. Ministry: 3-5:30pm EDT, Gospel 5:30-6pm EDT.  The expected speakers for these meetings are John Dennison, Marvin Derksen and John McCann. Additional details and a link to this hosted event are available at

Hampton, IASeptember 4-5. Cancelled this year.

Beetown, WI – September 6. Cancelled this year.

Ankeny, IA – September 11-12. Cancelled this year due to rising COVID numbers in the local community.

Hitesville, IA – September 18-19. Cancelled this year.

Midland Park, NJ – September 17-19. Expected speakers: Sandy Higgins, Andrew Ussher and Joseph Baker. Conference schedule and details available at

Alpena, AR – September 25-26.

Mississauga, ON – September 25-26, online.  The believers of the Applewood Heights assembly would like to extend a hearty invitation to the Lord’s people for their Bible Reading conference convened virtually by Zoom again this year, as COVID-19 restrictions are still in place.  The subject will be Paul’s Letter to the Colossians (all 4 chapters), the content of which is “Living in Virtue of things which are above, while dying to the Vices of things below.”  Leading the discussions will be Craig Munro, Jack Hay, Shawn St Clair and Paul Robinson (Toronto, ON). Our desire is the edification and encouragement of His people. Details of times and order of the sessions are available on their website,


Manchester, IA – October 2, one-day Bible conference at The Gathering Place in Manchester, address: 1711 N Second St., Manchester, IA.

Cape Bretton (Sydney Mines), NS  – October 9-10.  Cancelled this year due to ongoing pandemic concerns.

St. Thomas, ON October 9-10.  Cancelled this year due to ongoing pandemic concerns.

Sussex, NBOctober 9-10.  Now cancelled due to reimposed COVID-19 restrictions.

Vancouver, BC – October 9-10. The Victoria Drive assembly is hosting their annual Thanksgiving conference, this year in the Victoria Drive Gospel Hall with restricted attendance, open to assemblies in the local area, with registration required for each session. It will also be live-streamed for the benefit of those who cannot be present and all are welcome to join. Speakers expected are brethren Jack Gould, David Hierlihy, Wm. Skates, and Dave Richards. Ministry – Oct 9, 2021 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Ministry – Oct 9, 2021 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Pacific Time, Ministry – Oct 10, 2021 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Gospel – Oct 10, 2021 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Pacific Time. Register in advance for this webinar:

L’Anse au Loup,  NLOctober 15-17. Cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

Edmonton, AB – October 16-17. We regret that we’re unable to invite believers from other assemblies to join us for our annual conference at the Connors Hill Gospel Hall, but we are happy to be making a zoom link available to share the ministry.  We’re expecting Alan Smith from Scotland and Jack Gould from Winnipeg to be with us. The following times of the meetings are Mountain Standard Time: Saturday, 10am-noon ministry, 1-3pm ministry, Sunday 3:30-5pm ministry.  Zoom Meeting: We’re set up for up to 500 participants.

Blue River, WI – October 16-17. Prayer meeting on Friday, October 15 at 8pm in the Blue River Gospel Hall, 205 Dayton St.  All other meetings will be in the Highland High School located off Hwy. 80 on the north side.  Saturday: Ministry 10am.  Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (The glories of the Lord Jesus after the Rapture), Breaking of Bread 10:30am.  Contact: James Frazier, Tel: 608-537-2977.

Stark Road, MIOctober 22-24.  Cancelled this fall due to ongoing pandemic concerns.

St. John’s, NF – October 30. Online, via Zoom, starting at 11:00 AM Newfoundland time/9:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. The following is the link to pre-register for this event: (which also includes the schedule). Any enquiries can be directed to Gary Tarrant at or phone 709-749-7262.


Blues Mills, Cape Breton, NS – November 11-13. Online, via Zoom. Lord willing, our plan is to have two speakers an evening, 7:00 to 8:30 PM (Atlantic Standard Tome), Thursday to Saturday. Scheduled speakers are November 11: John Dennison and Matthew Cain, November 12: Marcus Cain and John Dennison, and November 13: Mike Knox and Brody Thibodeau. Zoom link:

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA – November 13-14.  Cancelled this year.

Oil Springs, ONNovember 13-14.  Cancelled this year.

Phoenix, AZ – November 26-28, in the Gospel Hall, 1246 E. Garfield St.  Friday: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm.  Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 5:1-10, 1 Corinthians 15:51-58), Ministry 1-3pm, Gospel 4pm.  Lord’s Day: Sunday School 9:30am, Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Ministry 1pm, Gospel 4pm. Lunch will be served both days. Corr. Clarence Van Der Hart, 8525 W. Northern Ave., Glendale, AZ 85305; Tel. 602-818-4190; Email:


Saugus, MADecember 4-5.  Cancelled this year.