Name Recognition

Some characters in the Bible are more prominent than others. For some, their names are found multiple times in both the Old and New Testament, but for others, their names appear only once or twice. David’s name is mentioned roughly 968 times.

Another high hitter was Moses coming in at 784. Abraham (Abram) stands at around 280, with Solomon trailing slightly behind at 274. Is it worth mentioning those who were left behind in a cloud of numerical dust?

Numbers often count in politics and getting your name recognized is a big part of the game. The more mentions and shout-outs one gets, the more likely they are to go down in history as someone of significance. Sometimes quantity gets favored over quality.

Spiritually, the Lord looks at more than just numbers. It is an understatement to say He is interested in quality. Amasiah does not jump to mind as an outstanding Bible character. After all, he is only mentioned once. Should we feel sorry for Amasiah over his abysmal ranking?
“Amasiah the son of Zichri, who willingly offered himself to the LORD” (2Chro 17:16).

This is the only reference to this man in Scripture. He was one of Jehoshaphat’s five military generals. According to 1 Chronicles 26:26-27 great soldiers often offered to the Lord the things they recovered in battles – the spoils of battle.  Amasiah probably did that too but he did much more!  He willingly offered himself to the Lord. We don’t have to know the details or the circumstances in Amasiah’s life that caused such a statement to be recorded. God knows the details and valued them enough to record it in His Word.
There is no sacrifice more pleasing to the Lord, than when we fall at His feet and say, “Lord here I am. I give myself to You without reserve. I don’t want to hold anything back. Take all of me and use me as You so desire” This is the truth of Romans 12:1!

Wouldn’t you love for heaven’s record to show that you willingly offered yourself to the Lord! Even if your name wasn’t mentioned even once in earth’s annals, you could score no higher than to have it recorded in the Lord’s record.

You may never have your framed photo hanging in a corporate boardroom. Most reading this will probably never have an arena, stadium, museum, or a campus residence named after them. Your name may never become a brand name. It’s quite unlikely that my name will ever be embedded on a coin or memorialized on a postage stamp. Maybe you feel the same way about yourself. But if it is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life and the Lord Himself records, “She willingly offered herself to the Lord” – well, how much better could it get than that?

Will you get on your knees today and willingly offer yourself to the Lord without reserve, without holding anything back? Are you willing to allow Him access to every compartment of your heart? Will you let Him make sweeping changes to your life, your goals, and your priorities?