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God” will be an “exhortation” (1Th 2:2-3).   noting – “both small and great.” He saw
        Whether in public preaching or personal   the world as his parish and individuals
        witnessing, then, let us be marked by the   from every walk of life as candidates
        credentials of a true ambassador – dignity,   for salvation. He really believed what
        maturity, bravery and sincerity.      he wrote, that it is God’s will that all

        Witnesses                             men should be saved (1Ti 2:4), and so he
                                              witnessed to all. “Small and great” are
          While the word “ambassador” is used   condemned by the law (2Ki 23:2). “Small
        sparingly in the New Testament, the same   and great” are destined for the grave (Job
        cannot be said for the word “witness.”   3:19). “Small and great” will stand at the
        Interestingly, the term is applied mainly to   great white throne (Rev 20:12). Hence,
        the apostles, but doubtless the principles   “small and great” need someone to wit-
        connected with its usage apply to our   ness to them.
        own obligations as those who now bear   The Basis for his Witnessing was the Bible
        the responsibility of testifying for Christ.  – “the prophets and Moses.” Apologetics
          One passage will supply us with some   may have their place. Contemporary il-
        guidelines to encourage us all to be wit-  lustrations can be helpful, but in reality,
        nesses. Ananias said to Paul, “Thou shalt   there is no substitute for the presentation
        be his witness unto all men” (Act 22:15),
        and in his address to King Agrippa, Paul   of Bible truth and the ability to quote Bible
        said, “Having therefore obtained help of   verses, whether in public preaching or
        God, I continue unto this day, witnessing   personal witnessing. “The entrance of thy
        both to small and great, saying none other   words giveth light” (Psa 119:130).
        things than those which the prophets and   The  Content  of  his  Witnessing was
        Moses did say should come: that Christ   Christ – His sufferings and triumphant
        should suffer, and that he should be   resurrection. As quoted already, “Ye
        the first that should rise from the dead”   shall be witnesses unto me” (Act 1:8). We
        (26:22-23).                           present Him as the only remedy for hu-
          Notice first the Strength for Witnessing –   man need. “Behold the Lamb of God.”
        help from God. There is no doubt that time   “We have found the Messiah.” “We have
        and energy have to be devoted to exten-  found him.” “Come, see a man … ” (Joh
        sive effective witnessing, but the spiritual   1:29,41,45; 4:29). These early witnesses
        power that is needed is sourced in God.   focused on Christ!
        Dependence on the Spirit’s power is vital   The challenge to us all is our availability
        if gospel witness is to produce results (1Co   as witnesses and our readiness to testify.
        2:4; 1Th 1:5). Exhausting activity in itself   “Be ready always to give an answer to
        will never accomplish the task.       every man that asketh you a reason of the
          Next, observe his Consistency in Witness-  hope that is in you” (1Pe 3:15).
        ing – “I continue unto this day.” His com-  Must I go, and empty-handed?
        mitment to the work of evangelism was         Must I meet my Savior so?
        not spasmodic. His involvement in service
        was not jerky, interrupted by lapses and   Not one soul with which to greet Him:
        distractions; Paul was focused.               Must I empty-handed go? 2
          The Objects of his Witnessing are worth   ² Charles C. Luther (1847–1924)

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