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od designated the people of      Another characteristic of an ambassador
               Israel “my witnesses”; “Ye are   is maturity; that thought is embedded in
        Gmy witnesses, saith the LORD         the original meaning of the word. For
        [Jehovah]” (Isa 43:10).  A modern cult   example, Paul used a word from the same
        has hijacked that commission to Israel   family to describe himself as “Paul the
        and entitled their organization “Jeho-  aged” (Phm 9). Thus, as ambassadors we
        vah’s Witnesses”! When the Lord Jesus   must avoid trivializing the message we
        introduced the Church Age, He said to   carry and treat the whole enterprise with
        His own, “Ye shall be witnesses unto me,”   the esteem and maturity that befits our
        “my witnesses” (Act 1:8 RV). In reality,   status; we should never dumb-down the
        then, Christians are “Christ’s Witnesses.”   gospel in a childish way.
        Our remit as believers is to testify of Him   Added  to  dignity  and  maturity,  the
        who purchased us by His blood.        ambassador requires bravery, for he is
                                              making representations to his Sovereign’s
        Ambassadors                           enemies. It is “a ministry of reconcilia-
          The two words in our title embrace our   tion” that he carries. His message is “the
        responsibilities as Christ’s representatives   word of reconciliation”; his appeal is “Be
        in a hostile world. “Now then we are   ye reconciled to God” (2Co 5:18-20). Paul
        ambassadors for Christ” (2Co 5:20). The   himself had the necessary courage for
        word “ambassador” implies that we act   ambassadorship, so that as a result of his
        as representatives, speaking on behalf of   faithful commitment to the task he became
        Deity. To use the language of the context,   “an ambassador in bonds” (Eph 6:20). An
        we are ambassadors for Christ; God is be-  ambassador would often wear a chain
        seeching through us; we appeal in Christ’s   of office. Paul’s chain was of a different
        stead. The fact that we are God’s envoys   character, yet he wore it with a dignity in
        demands that our activities be carried out   keeping with his office as a bold, faithful
        with a dignity that befits our link with the   representative of heaven in an aggressive
        Sovereign of the universe. Some think that   world.
        if we are going to win people we must be   Another feature of the ambassador is
        like them, including adopting their styles   sincerity, as conveyed in the words “be-
        and appearance, but really, provided we   seech” and “pray” (2Co 5:20), or “appeal”
        are not showy and extravagant, the clean,   and “implore” as in the ESV. A true am-
        tidy, appropriate appearance that befits   bassador will not present cold facts in an
        ambassadorship will make an impact. The   unemotional way. There will be warmth
        very appearance of Solomon’s servants,   and winsomeness about his preaching.
        including “their apparel,” was one of the   His presentation will never be in “take
        things that impressed a heathen queen   it or leave it” mode. Like Peter, he will
        about their master (1Ki 10:5).        exhort the rebels, “Save yourselves from
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   this untoward generation” (Act 2:40). Like
        unless otherwise noted.               Paul, his presentation of the “gospel of

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