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“       aul, a servant of Jesus Christ” was   to follow, for our Lord Himself came as

              more than just an opening to one   a humble servant. Mark’s singular state-
        Pof his letters, for he never got over   ment regarding the Lord’s mission is
        the wonder of what he had been made in   crystal clear: “The Son of Man came not to
        Christ. As he recalled the awfulness of his   be served but to serve, and to give his life
        life as the “persecutor,” he revelled in the   as a ransom for many” (Mar 10:45 ESV).
        transforming power of God’s grace that   Who can fathom what it involved when
        had not only saved him but had made   He humbled Himself and took upon Him
        him a servant of Christ. He stated, “By   the form of a servant? But He did – and
        the grace of God I am what I am” (1Co   what marked Him is now to mark us.
        15:10).  But does God really need us as   The OT writers were thrilled with the
        servants? After all, He is the omniscient   characteristics of Jehovah’s Servant. He
        “Architect” and the omnipotent “Builder”   was marked by an “open ear” – an ear
        who is never marked by frustration or   tuned to the will of His God and in which
        failure. The Lord Jesus said, “I will build   He found infinite delight (Psa 40:6-8). He
        my church; and the gates of hell shall not   exemplified a “submissive spirit” – that
        prevail against it” (Mat 16:18). That’s not   despite the tremendous suffering He
        exactly our résumé! Man has failed miser-  endured, He was not rebellious or turned
        ably, and we have made a mess of all that   backward (Isa 50:5-6). He graciously mani-
        God entrusted to us. Amazingly, our God   fested care and tenderness in dealing with
        has not abandoned His eternal purposes   broken sinners – the “bruised reeds” and
        to both “save” man and “employ” man in   the “faintly burning wicks” (Isa 42:3 ESV).
        the unfinished work of His kingdom. His   Like the Hebrew servant of Exodus 21, He
        focus centred on the servanthood of His   revealed at Calvary His sacrificial love for
        creatures, whether in the garden to tend   His “master, wife and children” in allow-
        it at the beginning of our history or in the   ing His body to be pierced and becoming
        eternal ages to come, for “his servants   a servant forever. It’s no wonder that the
        shall serve him” (Rev 22:3). And in so   heavens could be opened with the call,
        doing, grace has given us the wonderful   “Behold my servant!”
        blessing of being a small but significant   The Scope
        part of His great work.                 Being a servant of Christ is a big work,
        The Template                          but it’s not confined to a select few. Too
          We have not been left without a model   often we look at what we call “full-time
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   servants” as the only ones involved in the
        unless otherwise noted.               Lord’s work, but this is both short-sighted

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