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The Design of the Family              meaning “son/daughter of the command-
          Discovering who we are as Christians   ments” is a celebration declaring that the
        is fundamental and should have a trans-  child now has all the rights and obliga-
        forming effect in our lives. In this article   tions of a Jewish adult. Interestingly, Luke
        we will observe the twin truths of being   2:49 records our Lord at the Temple, age
        born as children and placed as sons in the   12, sitting in the midst of the teachers, lis-
        family of God.                        tening and asking questions, and all that
          Intended for the blessing of the human   heard Him were astounded at His under-
        race, God introduced the family unit on   standing and answers. When questioned
        the grounds of creation, providing an un-  by His concerned mother, He simply
        derstanding of this dual identity. God, the   answered, “I must be about my Father’s
        celebrant of that first marriage, instructed   business.”  Arriving at maturity and tak-
        them to “be fruitful and multiply,” sanc-  ing responsibility is God’s intention for us.
        tioning an environment where love could   Entering God’s family by birth, we confess
        blossom between husband and wife, pro-  that spiritually there were wobbly steps
        creation could take place, and children in   and garbled sounds. In the home under
        all their vulnerability could be nurtured,   Christian parents, and/or in the assembly
        educated and given responsibility within   under the guidance of elders, we’re given
        a family. Unknown to humanity, God was   spiritual instruction and increased respon-
        drawing a picture of what He purposed   sibilities with a view to spiritual maturity.
        for Himself.                          The Dignity of Sonship
        The Delight, Dependence and             In Galatians 4, Paul pictures a child
        Development of Children               born into a family of great wealth and
          Who could tire of gazing upon a new-  standing. The child is heir of all that the
        born babe? Parents peep into the crib,   father has and in due time will receive the
        beholding that precious child with its   inheritance. While he remains a child, he’s
        miraculously formed features. Moth-   under the control and direction of instruc-
        ers rise countless times to feed, change,   tors and is no different in practice to the
        cuddle and care for the child, and whilst   slaves of the same house! The vital lesson
        that period of time is both exhausting and   for the Galatians (and us) was that being
        wonderful, we know it’s limited and never   under the Mosaic Law was to be as a mi-
        envisage that children remain babies for-  nor, under restraint and unable to access
        ever. Parents delight in the development   the full privileges and responsibilities of
        of their children – the first smile, garbled   sonship. But when the fulness of the time
        sounds to words, wobbly steps, and the   was come, God sent forth His Son, born of
        babe from the crib is up and going! Ros-  a woman, born under the law, to redeem
        ters are prepared, chores are given, and   them that were under the law. Christ dealt
        the child that was so utterly dependent   with the consequences of the law, bearing
        becomes a benefit to the household.   the curse on our behalf.  Ignominiously,
          In Jewish households there is a Bar   we were once children of the devil, of dis-
        (son) or Bat (daughter) Mitzvah for each   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        child arriving at the age of 12. This phrase   KJV.

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