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obedience and wrath. Incredibly, through   2:26), and the unspeakable honour of sit-
        faith in Christ we are placed as sons, ap-  ting with Christ on His throne (Rev 3:21).
        proaching God in dependence (“Abba”)   As sons of God, we will be unveiled in
        and with dignity (“Father”). Praise the   that glorious day to the wondering eyes of
        Lord, we are sons and no longer slaves!   all creation. Hebrews 2 solemnly reminds
          In Romans 8, we discover again the   us that the cost of bringing many sons to
        truth of sonship, this time against the   glory was the incalculable sufferings and
        background of justification. In Christ, we   death of our Lord Jesus.
        are legally free from the penalty of sin and   The Discipline of Sons
        lawfully fit for the eternal presence of God.
        Having set forth the basis and blessings   Left to themselves, children by nature
        of our justification in chapters 4-5, Paul   and inexperience go the wrong way, and
        arrives at chapters 6-7 stating that, al-  within a family there must be proper dis-
        though judicially God sees the old man as   cipline for them to grow into responsible
        crucified, we still live in this mortal fleshly   adults, and thereby become an asset to the
        body. Who will master my members? The   family name and home. In Hebrews 12,
        flesh or the Spirit? The Holy Spirit has   God deals with us as sons, necessitating
        been mentioned just once in the epistle   discipline in order that we yield the fruit
        so far (5:5), but chapter 8 is bursting with   of righteousness (v11). There is to be the
        references, teaching that allowing our-  reception of discipline (v5); His love is the
        selves to be led by the Spirit is a sign that   reason it is given (v6); reverence should
        we appreciate and appropriate the truth   be the result (vv9-10). While the chasten-
        of sonship. The universe groans under   ing hand of God seems grievous (v11),
        the burden of sin; and we too may groan   thank God for discipline; it’s the reality
        (not moan) as we wait for our new body.   that we are sons and not spurious! As we
        God has chosen us as sons to be “holy   comprehend these things, we understand
        and without blame before him in love”   that “our light affliction, which is but for
        (Eph 1:4-5). The pathway of the Christian   a moment, worketh for us a far more ex-
        involves suffering, but the ministry of the   ceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2Co
        Spirit lifts our eyes to grasp that as sons   4:17), and that “the sufferings of this pres-
        we are joint heirs with Christ in the inheri-  ent time are not worthy to be compared
        tance. What is that inheritance? Simply, it   with the glory which shall be revealed in
        is all that belongs to Christ. Galatians 3:16   us” (Rom 8:18).
        teaches that when God made promises to   And is it so! we shall be like Thy Son,
        Abraham’s “Seed” concerning the nation
        of Israel, land of Canaan, the nations and   Is this the grace which He for us has won?
        the world, they were, in fact, made to   Father of glory! thought beyond all thought
        Christ! As joint heirs and adult sons, the   In glory to His own blest likeness brought.
        Church has the extraordinary privilege to   Yet it must be, Thy love had not its rest
        administer the kingdom with Christ and   Were Thy redeemed not with Thee fully blest;
        share completely all He possesses – 12
        Apostles sitting on 12 thrones judging 12   That love that gives not as the world, but
        tribes of Israel (Mat 19:28), saints in au-          shares
        thority and administration over the entire   All it possesses with its loved co-heirs. 2
        world and angelic beings (1Co 6:1-2; Rev   ² John Nelson Darby (1800–1882)

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