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he unsaved person is referred to   human willfulness and disobedience, have
              by many descriptive terms in the   steadily marched humanity away from
        TWord of God. Lost. Blind. Dead.      God. And every one of us truly deserves
        Sinner. The children of wrath. The chil-  the wrath of God of which Nahum writes.
        dren of disobedience. Alien. Stranger.   However, into this dark morass of hu-
        Ungodly. Unrighteous. In one way or   manity came a Savior. The very Son and
        another, these describe the hopeless con-  expression of God came here in perfect
        dition of mankind without Christ. Thank   human form to bear our sins and volun-
        God that His marvelous salvation changes   tarily take our place in judgment, endur-
        all of these. Found. Can now see. Alive in   ing it all for us. How would He describe
        Him. Forgiven. A child of God. Brought   us as He came amongst us? Knowing the
        nigh. Sanctified. Righteous. No wonder   despicable evil of our hearts, what terms
        Paul could say, “Anyone who belongs to   (above) would He use for us?
        Christ is a new person” (2Co 5:17 CEV).  In John 15, He first talks of His love for
          But one of the truly stark terms to de-  us. We, who essentially hated Him, were
        scribe the relationship of lost men and   loved by Him long before He came to save
        women with their Creator is this one:   us. But then He goes a bit further and calls
        enemy. This term is used a number of   us friends! “Greater love hath no man than
        times (e.g., Rom 5:10; 8:7; Col 1:21), and the   this, that a man lay down his life for his
        Bible is very clear as to what the enemies   friends. Ye are my friends …. I have called
        of God deserve and how they should be   you friends” (vv13-15).
        treated by the Holy. “God is jealous, and   Friends? How can anyone refer to
        the LORD revengeth; the LORD reven-   his enemies as his friends? Such is the
        geth, and is furious; the LORD will take   indescribable love of this Savior. As He
        vengeance on his adversaries, and he re-  was teaching His disciples the truths in
        serveth wrath for his enemies” (Nah 1:2).    that upper room, He made much of His
          This is not a pleasant situation in which   love and care for them. He had shown
        to be. The terrible effects of our sin against   them humble servanthood by washing
        Him, originating with our first parents   their dirty feet, even ministering to the
        and cascading through the millennia of   man who would betray Him. In John 11,
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   He was “troubled” in body as He wept –
        unless otherwise noted.               sobbed – at the grave of His friend Laza-

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