Book Review: Samuel by A. J. Higgins

book coverA. J. Higgins, Samuel: Prophet and Kingmaker (Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie Ltd., 2016), 160 pp.

Reviewed by Reuben Miller

Samuel occupies a unique place in the biblical narrative. The last of the judges, and the first of the prophets, his life was one of faithfulness to God. In his book Samuel: Prophet and Kingmaker, Dr. Higgins has provided a thorough treatise on the life of Samuel, with many nuggets of truth for personal application. It is the first book in the “Ritchie Character Study Series.” The chapters are arranged by topics such as prayer, parenting and service. In his classic expositional style, Dr. Higgins uses the life of Samuel to make searching applications to the life of the reader. Samuel’s life was molded first by the faithfulness and devotion of his mother from whose life applications are made concerning trials, misunderstanding and apparent insignificance. Samuel as a prophet was loyal in speaking God’s Word to the people and from this much practical help is given on the necessity of scriptural and balanced teaching in a local assembly of believers. Samuel had the unique task of anointing the first two kings of Israel. But he was not always on center stage; for many years of Israel’s history he was hidden from view. But even from this, we learn of the sovereignty of God and the need of patience as we learn His ways. This book is a very helpful tool for personal study of Samuel’s life, as well as for those who teach the Bible.

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