Book Review: Moses by Tom Wilson and A. J. Higgins

Tom Wilson and A. J. Higgins, Moses (Kilmarnock: John Ritchie Ltd., 2021), 224 pp.

Reviewed by Mitchell Taylor

Moses is the fifth title in the “Ritchie Character Study Series.” The bulk of the writing was done by Tom Wilson, while A. J. Higgins followed in his pattern to complete the book due to poor health.

Wilson notes that we have plenty of material to trace the man of God’s life through the Pentateuch and beyond, with glimpses at all stages. The book moves chronologically through Moses’ life, revealing supplemental information woven through the Scriptures, expository insights from the Pentateuch and helpful applications. Highlights of the character study examine lessons we can learn from Moses’ parents, waiting on God’s better timing, the way God used him to deliver Israel, the law of Moses and its impact on the Western world, the work of building the tabernacle, “the burden of leadership,” various battles, Moses’ death, and the Scripture’s own commentary on Moses.

Each chapter is carefully structured with headings and closes with summarizing point form “Principles” for consideration. The book finishes with two appendices: comparisons and contrasts between Moses and the Lord Jesus Christ, and a chart outlining Moses in the New Testament. The wisdom and extensive knowledge of both writers will helpfully guide those wanting to study the life of Moses, or sections may be used as a supplement to commentaries.

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