Tribute: William McBride (4)

Respected as a Man of God

When our brother Bill McBride moved into Bethany Courts in Unionville it soon became evident that, although his health had made it necessary for him and his wife to return to Canada, his service for God was definitely not over. The assembly in Unionville could always depend on him to share in the gospel, as well as give a heartfelt word of ministry in his very simple and sincere way. He will be truly missed!

Brother McBride was also an example in his faithfulness to the assembly, to gospel meetings in the Toronto area, and his support for smaller assemblies in the vicinity of Toronto. The Goodwood assembly just northeast of Toronto had the opportunity to preach the gospel to migrant workers from Central and South America. Since the workers had only a very limited knowledge of the English language, such an outreach would have been impossible. However, with the able assistance of Brother McBride and his skills in Spanish, the assembly was able to preach the gospel to the workers for several summers.

Those attending a Sault Ste Marie conference in 2002 will remember the passion of brother McBride when he spoke of the burden of the prophet Habakkuk, and how he only spoke to God about that burden, seeking to understand something he himself could not solve. Such was the godly manner of life of Bill McBride: a true “man of God”!