Editorial: The Same for Another Year

We have changed! A little. The magazine’s altered appearance reflects the creativity and expertise of Don Draper (Pennsauken, NJ) who guides the graphic design of these pages. In both content and appearance, the staff aims to attract readers to a deeper commitment to God’s truth. Some readers will notice that their magazine is now printed and shipped in the USA. Printing and shipping all the magazines in one location involve a considerable savings over printing and shipping them in two locations. For several years, Paul Trimble Printing (N. Ireland) has produced all the magazines shipped to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Brother Paul Trimble has been cooperative, helpful, diligent, and capable in working with us. He treated our business arrangement as a service to the Lord. We have appreciated our brother’s help and plan to maintain the same level of efficient service for those readers whose magazines Paul printed.

Thankfully, God has never, can never, and will never change. He possesses eternality but did not impart that to the physical creation. Of all things visible and only physical, God has said, “They shall perish” (Heb 1:11). He made them to be temporary, needed only to serve a deeper, eternal purpose, and then to perish. Grace linked us to that eternal purpose. But sin has affected that creation and consequently it is growing old like a garment (v 11b); “they shall be changed.” The “old garment” will be changed. A new heavens and a new earth are coming into view. Changes that God makes are desirable. One day He will change our bodies of humiliation (Phi 3:21, JND) into bodies of glory like the Savior’s. Presently the Spirit is changing us into moral likeness to God’s Son. Beholding Him, we “are changed into the same image, from glory to glory” (2Co 3:18). What a desirable change! “He is altogether lovely” (SS 5:16). May God help us to desire it more and resist it less in 2008!

Society is changing, but not for the better. Improvements in medicine or communications only mask the aged and rotting moral state of society. A God-dishonoring, self-pleasing, truth-denying world has mastered the dubious art of marketing its corruption. The message is subtle, loud, stubborn, and lies in wait at every corner, like a seductress (Pro 7:10-12). How can we escape her influence?

In contrast to a perishing and changing world, “Thou art the Same” (Heb 1:12). Men in the past guided the saints by God’s Word. Their path of faith remained consistent to the end. They trusted “Jesus Christ the Same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Heb 13:7, 8). His purpose, promises, preciousness, and preeminence never change. He is the Same. With glory that trivializes the glory of a passing world, He is sufficient to sustain us, whatever changes and challenges lie in the unknown paths of 2008. May you know His nearness and blessing for every step of the journey!