Edmonton: The Christians enjoyed ministry at our conference from Jim Jarvis, James Ronald, Ross Vanstone, Jim Webb, and Gordon Williams. We also enjoyed John FItzpatrick’s visit and Bruce Poidevin’s report on Zambia.

Fort McMurray: John Fitzpatrick was with the Wood Buffalo assembly on October 17 for ministry. The assembly held children’s meetings every Thursday night in October. The meetings went very well with new children and parents attending.

British Columbia

Vancouver: Samuel and Elizabeth Simonyi-Gindele, with their four boys, are home from Zambia for a much needed rest, and will be in the area until at least the end of the year.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: Saints appreciated the visit and ministry of Alex Dryburgh, Robert Dryburgh, and Peter Smith in the time between the Parsons Pond and St. John’s conferences.

L’Anse au Loup: Our annual conference was smaller than usual, but it was a good weekend around the Word of God. Six of the Lord’s full-time servants were present: W. Buckle, B. Crawford, G. Goff, Bert Joyce, P. Mathews, and P. Smith. All these brethren gave helpful ministry to the saints. Also, brother Peter Smith gave a session at the conference concerning Postal Bible Studies. On Monday night after the conference there was the regular gospel meeting at Red Bay and eight people spoke, giving testimonies and gospel messages. On Tuesday night in English Point, Peter Smith met with Sunday school teachers and others interested, giving help in approaching children’s and Sunday school work.

Parsons Pond: The conference was well attended with help from our preaching brethren.

Red Bay: David Swan, with help from Fred Barney and Randell Layden, is having nightly gospel meetings at Mary’s Harbour. They have a rented room at the local hotel and folks from Charlottetown and Red Bay are supporting this effort. There is some interest there with a few new contacts out to hear the gospel.

Sandringham: Dave Hunt had a ministry meeting on October 25 which was very much appreciated by the saints. Gaius Goff came for two nights the following week.

Nova Scotia

Halifax: Matthew Cain and Stephen Vance continue in the gospel with interest. A number of Chinese have attended and the assembly is encouraged.

Hubbard’s Point: James McClelland and John Meekin continue in the gospel with some encouragement, though it is difficult to get locals in to hear the Word.

Oxford: Prayer is valued for gospel meetings that commenced November 4 by Albert Hull and David Hunt. The assembly is very small and it would be a cheer to witness God’s intervention in the salvation of souls.

Sydney: The Cape Breton conference in October was well attended with timely ministry given by a number of the Lord’s servants, and the gospel faithfully preached on the two evenings.


Clinton: Attendance was somewhat smaller at our 41st Fall Conference in September in the new Gospel Hall for the first time. Alex Dryburgh, Albert Hull, and Frank Tornaquindici ministered to profit. Unfortunately three of the Lord’s servants were unable to come due to illness. Two Bible readings on “Giving – Self and Substance” were handled well and judged to be quite profitable.

Guelph: Albert Hull and Bryan Joyce concluded gospel meetings here October 5. The assembly was much encouraged and some blessing was evidenced.

Grand Bend: Bryan Joyce and Justin Pratt gave deeply appreciated help in both gospel and ministry in the latter weeks of August. God was pleased to bless in salvation. We continue to pray that the Word preached and distributed door-to-door will result in contacts and further blessing. The assembly enjoyed a visit by John McCann. He preached the gospel on Lord’s Day, and in a report meeting updated the saints on the Lord’s work in Brazil.

Niagara Falls: The conference was well attended; a large number of young people were present. There was good ministry from eight of the Lord’s servants, and the Bible studies were excellent.

St. Thomas: The fall conference was considered to be outstanding with ministry and gospel shared by Alex Dryburgh, Robert Dryburgh, Fred Krauss, Murray McCandless, John McCann, Jr., Murray McLeod, William Metcalf, Peter Ramsay, Gary Sharp, Frank Sona, and Larry Steers. Other full-time workers were present and the assembly appreciated this. Gary Sharp was expected for a week of children’s meetings early in November.

Timmins: Gospel meetings concluded October 28 with Bruce Rodgers and Stu Thompson. The local saints were encouraged with new contacts in most nights; some returned though not with evidence of deep interest as yet. We trust that the sowing of the Word of God will still prove profitable and bring even further encouragement to each one in the assembly.

Toronto: “The Christians meeting at the Mimico Gospel Hall will be moving to an interim location as we await the completion of our new facility in Mississauga. December 2, 2007, will mark the last Lord’s Day in our present location and we anticipate being in our new building at Tomken Rd. and Burnhamthorpe in February or March of 2008, Lord willing. Our temporary location will be in Unit 12 at 1020 Islington Ave. in Toronto, adjacent to Acacia Fine Furniture with access off Titan Road. Please consult our website (www.mimicogh.org) for directions and details on times as well as final-move dates. Please pray for us in this transition period.”

Wallaceburg: Gospel meetings are planned to begin January 20, in the will of the Lord. William Metcalf and Larry Steers are expected for these meetings.

Welland: Jim Beattie and John Slabaugh expect to start gospel meetings here on February 10, 2008, Lord willing. Please pray for this effort.

Prince Edward Island

Rosebank: The assembly had its opening of the new hall on October 20. Ministry by six of the Lord’s servants was appreciated by the many who attended. A nice spirit of harmony was prevalent and the gospel was preached compassionately in the evening by Albert Hull and Grard Roy. Robert McIlwaine gave a report of how the assembly was planted, and it was a cheer not only to hear of his and Mr. Ramsay’s labors, but also of some brethren and sisters who had a tremendous impact in the work. Prayer is requested for the gospel meetings that commenced October 21 with Noel Burden and David Hierlihy. May the new hall in Rosebank experience many “new births” in these new facilities.



Alpena: An early October visit from Joel Portman was appreciated by the assembly. In addition, the believers have benefitted from an extended visit from Harrys Rodriguez and family. While here, brother Harrys is engaged in the work among the Spanish-speaking population and believers. A good number of believers from several assemblies were in attendance at the annual Bible Reading. William Lavery, Eric McCullough, John Slabaugh, and Harrys Rodriguez were on hand to give help. Brother Lavery stayed on to give a few extra nights of helpful ministry. The assembly extends a warm “Thank you” to all who attended.


Terryville: Once again the assembly was encouraged by its annual conference. Attendance was good with helpful ministry given by W. Gustafson, W. Nesbitt, D. Oliver, D. Petterson, and F. Tornaquindici, as well as valuable help in the gospel by G. Ramsay.


Cedar Falls: During October the assembly had two weeks of children’s meetings conducted by the local brethren. We have been encouraged by some of the children now attending the Sunday School. The assembly also had appreciated visits from Jim Beattie and Stan Wells.

Dunkerton: The assembly appreciated a week of ministry in October on “The Return of Israel from Babylon” by William Skates. Jim Beattie also gave a night of helpful ministry.

Manchester: As of the end of October, A. Davidson and J. Jennings were in the third week of gospel meetings.

Marion: J. Procopio and F. Sona began gospel meetings in mid-October.


Deckerville: William Metcalf was here for six Wednesday nights beginning October 31, taking up 1 John in ministry.


Akron: David Petterson was with the assembly and ministered on “Lessons from the tribe of Dan.” Al Christopherson took up “The disciple whom Jesus loved” and Psalm 116, “I will pay my vows.” John McCann gave an interesting report of the work of God in Brazil and ministered on Philippians and the fragrant life of the believer.

Clyde: The Christians were greatly encouraged as a result of three weeks of gospel meetings with Al Christopherson. Several new visitors, as well as friends and family members of the believers attended

Cleveland: We were greatly encouraged by visits from David Peterson and Al Christopherson in October.

Mansfield: A nice number attended our sixth annual conference. The ministry was searching, challenging, and encouraging from brethren A. Christopherson, D. Oliver, L. Perkins, D. Petterson, D. Shutt, S. Thompson, and D. Vallance. Larry Steers was with us in September for two nights of ministry on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. John McCann visited in October, giving a report of the work of God in Brazil.

Steubenville: Robert Surgenor was here for three weeks in the gospel. Though many invitations were handed out, there was only one man that responded. The gospel was preached faithfully, and we trust that even yet, there might be fruit seen from this effort.


Bryn Mawr: Please pray for gospel meetings to begin on January 13, 2008, with Marvin Derksen and David Oliver. The Lord’s people are concerned about a number of souls in need of salvation.

Hatboro: After the Midland Park Conference, John Stubbs gave practical and helpful ministry for two nights each in Hatboro and Bryn Mawr. In Bryn Mawr, he considered the repair of the gates in Nehemiah. These visits were very much appreciated by the Christians.

St Lucia

Forestiere: The Bible Reading Conference in October was on 2 Timothy 2 and it proved helpful to all who attended. It is most encouraging that St. Lucian brethren conducted the readings. Jack Nesbitt helped in a gospel series at La Gare during the month of November.


Pennsauken, NJ

January 5-6 in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer Meeting on Friday, January 4 at 7:30 pm in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Route 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ; Tel: 856-662-1201. Brethren J. Baker, D. Oliver, D. Petterson, J. Procopio, and S. St. Clair have committed to being with us, D.V. Corr. David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856-429-4443; E-mail: dacurran@aol.com.

Cambridge, ON

February 2-3, 2008 in the Cambridge Gospel Hall, 31 South Street, Cambridge. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10:00 am and 1:30 pm, Children’s Meeting 1:30 pm, Ministry 3:30 pm, Gospel 6:45 pm. Lord’s Day: Lord’s Supper 11am, Sunday School & Ministry 1 pm, Ministry 3:30 pm, Gospel 7:15 pm. Corr: Phillip Watson, 1183 Sager Road, R.R. #2, Branchton, ON N0B 1L0. Tel: 519-740-1470; E-mail: contact@cambridgegospelhall.com. More information and map: www.cambridgegospelhall.com.

Change of Address

Paul and Barb Thiessen, Calle Los Robles #405, Campestre Los Robles, Zapopan, Jalisco 45203; Tel: 333-834-1040; E-mail: pbthiessen@prodigy.net.mx, or paulbarb@gmail.com. Mailing address has not changed – Apartado 2-200, Guadalajara 2, Jalisco, Mexico 44281.


John A. Klein of Arlington, WA, on January 21, 2007,age 83, after an extended illness. He leaves behind his wife Floy, of over 60 years, and ten children, all going on well for the Lord. At 15, John trusted Christ as his personal Savior while going home from a gospel meeting, through the truth of the hymn others were singing in the car: “Oh, be saved, His grace is free, Oh be saved He died for thee.” Many will be eternally grateful for his faithful testimony for Christ. His zeal for the Lord led him to be bold for his Savior. Not many people who met him left without a gospel tract or hearing about how the Lord changed his life and could change theirs also. John pioneered many gospel works in the area surrounding Arlington and elsewhere. He was a loving and caring shepherd for many years. He reached out in visitation to widows, those who were sick, and struggling in spirit. Whether they were young or old, John always had an encouraging word to lift others up to the One Whom he adored. At the funeral approximately 35 different people, both saved and unsaved, testified that he truly was a man of God. His six sons and three of his grandsons shared in the service. We trust the Lord will raise up more young men to carry the torch for Him as a result of John’s testimony.

Clara Broadhead of Grande Prairie, AB, departed to be with Christ on March 17. Clara had a steady, prayerful concern for little children and for their salvation. Her interest was beyond Sunday School classes, extending to having them in her parent’s home. After her marriage to Ken Broadhead in December 1986 and subsequent move to Dawson Creek, her work continued. With her husband, she contacted many Native children and their families with the glorious gospel. Twenty-four Native people (children, parents, and grandparents) attended her funeral in Dawson Creek, expressing their appreciation and love for her.

Hilding S. Rudeen of Phoenix, AZ, on September 23, age 96. Hilding was born on October 14, 1911, in Hartford, CT, and was born again on February 7, 1931, as a young man of 20 years old. He was baptized and received into fellowship in Manchester, Connecticut. He moved to California in 1968, and to Phoenix, AZ, in 1998. He is survived by his wife Lydia, three sons, and four daughters. Hilding loved to testify to all how God saved him. He will be missed in the assembly in Phoenix. Local brethren took the funeral and graveside services in the presence of many unsaved relatives and friends.

Mrs. Mary Montgomery of N. Ireland, on October 1, age 92. She was saved while attending gospel meetings possibly conducted by the late F. Bingham in McClures barn (Mullindreen) in 1928. With her late husband, James, they were many years in fellowship in the Buckna assembly until the Lord called them home. She was a quiet godly woman who loved the Lord, His Word, and His people. The Lord blessed them with five daughters, all of whom are married, and had the joy of seeing some of these saved, and with husbands in assembly fellowship. The large funeral bore evidence of the respect her neighbors had for her. Thomas McNeill, who had known the family for many years, spoke words of comfort and preached the gospel at the funeral service in her home. At the graveside William Fenton preached the gospel. Brethren McKillen and Moore shared in prayer. She was a dear sister who will be greatly missed. Prayer is valued for some unsaved family, including grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Hannah DeGroote of Stout, IA, on October 8, age 88. She was saved in 1965 reading John 3:16, and received into fellowship at the Stout assembly. Her husband, Marion, preceded her just a month earlier. They were together in life for 69 years, now together with the Lord forever. She leaves four daughters, two sons, and a number of grandchildren. Richard Van Mill and Russ Nesbit shared the service in the Stout Gospel Hall.

Jean Doane of Niagara Falls, ON, on October 16, age 95, after a short illness. Our dear sister was saved as a young woman and bore a good testimony for the Lord. She loved the sister’s work in the assembly, and knitted many little garments for missionary work overseas. Pray for the family, many of whom are unsaved. The gospel was faithfully preached at the funeral home by W. Smith, and by Jim Smith at the grave side.

Letter to All Subscribers – Particularly Assembly Correspondents

Truth and Tidings
A. J. Higgins MD
803 Station Ave
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

November 1, 2007

Dear brethren:

We want the believers in each assembly to be aware of certain matters relating to the Truth and Tidings magazine. We hope that correspondents will make these issues known to the assembly by either posting an announcement (p. 334) on a bulletin board, or mentioning it when the assembly is together.

Truth and Tidings is available online and can be used as a reference source. There is a search engine which is able to search past issues for subjects and articles.

The second issue relates to introducing the magazine to younger believers. We would be happy to provide a one-year free subscription to any in your assembly who do not currently receive the magazine. At the end of the trial year, they would be free to continue to subscribe or cease getting it. We feel that material in the magazine can be of help to them.

We appreciate your cooperation in the above matters and covet your continued prayer for the usefulness of the magazine among the Lord’s people.

Warmly in Him on behalf of the board,

A. J. Higgins MD