Tribute to Mr. William Bingham (2)

It is with great sadness at the loss of this noble and faithful evangelist, and our own sense of weakness, that we recount somewhat of our appreciation for our esteemed brother and fellow-partner in the gospel, Mr. Bill Bingham. I would borrow the words of David in his tearful lament over Abner when he said, “Know ye not that a prince and a great man is fallen in Israel this day, and I am this day weak though anointed king.”

In the realm of gospel preaching our brother Bingham was a faithful plodder, always ready to sound the good news, and rarely excited about bringing a series to a close. In his straightforward presentation of the Word of God to saint or sinner, he spoke with clarity and words easy to be understood. He did not diminish or add in any way to the truth of God’s Word. He spoke that which the Spirit so often used to convict or assure his listeners. It came from a heart that was earnest and steadfast to carry out his Lord’s commission.

It was my privilege to share with brother Bill in many series of gospel meetings. Several of those efforts were times that will never be forgotten, when in the goodness and grace of God many souls came to know the Savior. We would have to admit that these were the work of God and not the prowess or ability of men. One or two such outstanding occasions took place on the coast of Labrador and in Newfoundland. These produced a love for the saints and the work in this province. His phone was in constant use keeping track of the progress of young believers and conditions among the saints.

Others may recount his earlier days, after his time of salvation at 21 years of age, while living in Edenderry, Northern Ireland. On one occasion, laboring in the gospel nearby, he pointed the house out to me where it happened. Later, he moved to Vancouver, working as a building contractor and serving as an elder in the West Richmond assembly. He was a help to the saints there, preaching the gospel as opportunity would allow. When commended to the work of the gospel, he moved to Nova Scotia, and had numerous gospel meetings in many areas. Every summer found him under canvas usually near his home area. Failing health did not stop him from proclaiming the message this past summer, though many recognized the difficulties he was having at times. However one brother commented that his preaching seemed to be getting sweeter as the end drew near. Our last knowledge of any comment he made was an “amen” at the close of our prayer with him on the Lord’s day before his “going home” on Thursday. Brother Wallace Buckle, who also spent time in the gospel with our brother, was present when he took his last breath and entered the King’s presence. We entered the room with the family a few moments later. It was a happy release for him though a keen loss for family, co-workers, and friends.

The work he has done for his Lord is documented in heaven and the crowning day is coming. Many will rise to called him “blessed” both now and in that day.

Servant of Christ, well done;
Rest from thy loved employ,
The battle fought, the victory won,
Enter the Master’s joy.