Tribute to Mr. William Bingham (1)

A Tribute to a Beloved Brother whose praise is in the Gospel.

I count it a privilege to be able to submit a brief word of tribute in honor of our departed brother Mr. William Bingham, known to most of us as Bill.

The large attendance at the funeral would indicate how highly our good brother was held in respect, and the presence of twelve of the Lord’s servants also attested to the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow-laborers.

I personally knew our brother for over forty-one years and in all those years he never changed in his principles; he never wavered. He was a plain man of a quiet personality and yet he had a twinkle in his eye and a humor that endeared him to many. Residing in Vancouver before he arrived in the Maritimes in 1968, he was a respected elder in the West Richmond assembly. He always had a keen interest in the gospel, not only in supporting the gospel, but also in preaching it. He also was sacrificial in helping to build Halls and, being in the construction business, his help was invaluable. He continued to do this until recent years before his home-call. The words of John the Baptist would be fitting of Mr. Bingham; “He (Christ) must increase, I decrease.” He never drew attention to himself.

What is recorded of Tychicus in Colossians 4:7 would sum up concisely our dear brother Bill: “a beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow servant.” These qualities were applicable to our brother. I had the joy of laboring with him on a number of occasions. Two outstanding ones come to mind: one series was in Nineveh, N.S. in the early seventies when the hall was packed nightly and God blessed in salvation. The other series was in Tatamagouche during the early eighties when we joined together in a room above the Liquor Commission in Tatamagouche. These also were blessed with the salvation of souls. It was shortly after that the assembly commenced in Tatamagouche where our brother Bingham resided until his call Home on the 7th October 2004. When we were at Nineveh, Mr. George Hadley, a saved Pastor who supported and announced our meetings in his church, treated us to a meal. I shall not forget what he said on that occasion: “I like what you say brother Bingham in your preaching, ‘Go round the foundation, it is for eternity’.” Our brother was known in many parts of Canada and the U.S.A. and was highly esteemed by all. He was self-effacing in character, as he never promoted self, content to labor on, to spend and be spent for others. His record is on high.

His preaching has ended and he has gone to that land where all is perfect and where no sickness can ever come. He preached his last series, even though he was far from well, in the New Annan area, near Tatamagouche. He was a true soul winner right to the end of life; this is what he lived for. The tent was pitched every summer and heaven will declare all accomplished by his faithful labors. He loved to tell the message plainly and powerfully, and many will rise and call him blessed. He had many fruitful series with Mr. Bert Joyce, David Hunt, and Wallace Buckle. Many in Labrador will be eternally grateful for his visits among them.

His praying is ended; never more will his voice be heard pleading for lost souls of which he had many on his heart. There were neighbors, friends, and in particular, the children of the Lord’s people. My last visit in conversation with Bill, ten days before he departed this life indicated his burden for some that he long prayed for who were not saved. He wept!

His personal witness is ended; never again will he speak to sinners about salvation and face them many a time with the words, “Are you saved?” His personal witness could be summed up in the words clearly printed on his Bible case, “Is your soul saved?”

In closing, we remember his son, Ian, his son’s wife Brenda, and family. Our brother’s remains were laid to rest beside his beloved wife Margery until the resurrection morn. We said our “farewell,” but it is only “till He come.” The following words came to mind and were quoted at the committal service:

Farewell! Beloved brother,
You served your Master well,
You brought the sinner tidings
That saved their souls from Hell,
You proclaimed the message clearly,
Your labors they were blessed
And souls will rise to “thank you,”
In that land of glorious rest.

We’ll miss you here, dear brother,
But we know your race is run,
And you are in God’s presence now,
Where clouds will never come,
All is bright up there, beloved,
Sighs and sorrows all are gone,
You’ve just gone on before us,
We’ll soon meet around the Throne.

We sorrow not as others,
Who have no hope of glory bright,
Yours is the better portion,
Where all is love and light,
Your prayers they all have ended,
And your praises have begun,
Your race on earth completed,
Battles fought, and victories won.

One prayer still lies unanswered,
For those you prayed for here,
You longed for their salvation,
For them you dropped a tear,
If today they’d trust your Savior,
Heaven will joyful be, And your
Heaven would be two heavens,
Throughout all eternity.

– A. Hull