Poetry: John Baptist

Submitted by Wm. Skates


Man so humble, leathern girdle,
Found in the desert, sandaled feet.
Locusts and honey, no need for money,
Preaching, warning, from wrath to flee.

Camel’s hair clothing, Sinners reproving,
“Bring forth the fruits, repentance to show!
“Baptizing in water, ” but there’s another,
His shoe latchet, I would not undo.

“Multitudes heard him, wondering at him,
Is this the Christ, can this be He?”
Voice in the wilderness, smoothing out the path,
Of the One coming, after me.

“Only the oracle, doing no miracle,
Yet the forerunner, opening the door.
Baptizing Jesus, fulfills all righteousness,
Feeling his nothingness, on Jordan’s shore.

“Behold the Lamb, this is The Man,
Who is before me, ordained of God.
He the sin-bearer, the only Savior,
Imparting the Spirit, Divinity!”

“He is the Bridegroom, now there is no room,
For any other, His is the Bride.
Now we rejoice, hearing His voice,
He must increase, immeasurably.

“Kings heard him gladly, heard him but sadly,
Turned from his message, sealing their fate.
Cast into prison, infamous decision,
Bring me the Baptist’s head on a plate.

Now spent his force, finished his course,
Silenced his voice, speaking to men.
“No greater prophet, ever was raised up,”
Words of the Savior, spoken of John.