How much value should we place on scripture?

II Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture has value. Scripture is to be used for all of our decisions and guidance in our lives. All doctrine, teaching, correction and instruction should be backed by scripture.

Acts 17:1-4: Scripture is to be employed when we are trying to reason with someone. Personal opinion that does not have scriptural backing should have no place in our efforts.

Mark 12:24: Making decisions without knowing the Scriptures, whether it be from neglect or lack of study, will surely lead to errors.

Acts 17:10-11: Those who take the time to study the Word of God, and who use scripture to prove what they teach and are taught, are commended and exalted. John 17:17: In a world filled with confusion and deception, the Word of God is the very definition of truth. It is 100% accurate, reliable, authoritative and without error.

James 1:22: We should “practice what we preach.” When the Word of God has shown us the path to follow, let us not try to come up with man-made reasons to ignore it. Consider Jonah.

I Thessalonians 2:13: The Word of God is on a completely different level than the words of men. The Word of God is absolute truth. This can never be said about the words of men.

Revelation 3:8: Our Lord Jesus has placed tremendous value on keeping his Word. Therefore, how much value should we place on the Scriptures?