Book Review: Light on Light

From the pen of Mary Taylor has come a readable and delightful book entitled, Light on the Labrador. She is eminently qualified to write her history of the work of the Lord in Labrador. She arrived as a young nurse, intending to spend a brief time at the Grenfell nursing station on the south shore of Labrador. She ended up spending thirty years there. More important than her credentials is what a veteran laborer has said of her: “She prayed the work in Labrador into existence.”

The book may be read and enjoyed from several perspectives. It is a wonderful insight into the social life and culture of a unique and hardy group of people who have lived along the Labrador coast. Isolated, challenged by the demands of harsh winters and limited transportation, these heroic people have forged a life marked by contentment and simplicity. Their ways and values are refreshing amidst the superficiality of our own day.

It is however, the work of the Lord in the hearts of men which is the primary reason for writing the book. Many names familiar to readers of Truth and Tidings, can be found within the covers of the book. The labors of men such as Herb Harris, George Campbell, Bert Joyce, and Wallace Buckle are all related. The progress of the work, from the landing of some of these men on the Labrador coast, to the development of assembly testimony, will all interest readers.

But perhaps another light which the book affords, unintended by its author, is to show the growth of her own soul in her dealings and exercise before God. Your sense of appreciation for the spiritual growth of the writer increases as you progress through the pages of the book.

This book will provide light on the work of God in Labrador, and the work of God in individual lives. It is available from Christian book sellers.