British Columbia

Vancouver: Gospel meetings in Carleton with Brian Currie and Jim Currie concluded November 14 after four and a half weeks with good interest. Please pray for gospel meetings commencing in January in Woodland Dr. with David Hunt and Stanley Wells.


Calgary: Meetings especially for young Koreans who have come to Canada to learn English continue each Saturday evening. These were begun almost six years ago; 12-14 come each Saturday and souls have been saved. Children’s meetings each Friday night at Airdrie have begun again this fall with 40-50 children each night.

Paradise Valley: Bryan Funston gave five nights of helpful ministry and also did some visitation of contacts in Lloydminster.


Taylorside: The saints appreciated recent visits from Jim Webb, Bryon Myers and Andrew Bergsma.


Winnipeg: Jack Gould writes “The work amongst the Hutterite people continues to grow. More and more colonies open up to us where individuals are willing to listen to the gospel. Young believers with deep conviction are moving off the colonies and are thrilled with the opportunity to obey the Lord in baptism. We have commenced weekly teaching meetings in our home for those who have left the colony and interest is good.”


Chatham: Five weeks of gospel meetings with Art Ward and Jim Frazier have ended with three professing to be saved, one man from the community and two from among the Christians’ children. Also, children’s meetings continue each Monday evening with about 70 children and several parents attending regularly

Clinton: Our Sunday School Award Night and Treat was held November 25, when Jim Bergsma spoke to a number of children, young people and some parents. Noel Burden was with the assembly on November 29, giving helpful and challenging ministry from I Corinthians 3.

Hamilton: The assembly was encouraged by the children’s interest in the Word of God presented by Gary Sharp during two weeks of children’s meetings in October.

London: The ministry at the Conference was both profitable and practical. Twenty of the Lord’s servants were present. The large number of younger ones in attendance was very encouraging.

Oshawa: The saints enjoyed three weeks of gospel meetings with brethren Brian Owen and Larry Buote. Following the meetings a good number enjoyed ministry at the one-day conference from five of the Lord’s servants.

Thunder Bay: Larry Steers ministered to the saints from 1 Cor. 12-14 during seven meetings in early November. Gary Sharp ministered on November 29 with a practical word for the saints.

Victoria Road: Recently the believers enjoyed helpful ministry from Larry Buote and Fred Krauss. Gary Sharp and Ed Miller also helped with the children’s outreach. Working with children has provided opportunities to speak to adults; a family who was contacted through this work has recentiy come into fellowship, which is encouraging. Ernie Dellandrea and Lorne Langfeld are expected for monthly Saturday night meetings in December and January

Windsor: A young girl professed during a recent gospel series with L.Steers and B. Snippe. Bro. Steers followed with a week of ministry on spiritual gifts. J. Beattie plans to be with the saints Dec. 4-8 for ministry from the book of Ruth. The saints are looking forward to the baptism of a retired man on December 10, saved during meetings conducted by B. Metcalf and B. Snippe last May.


Longueuil: The prayers of the Lord’s people would be appreciated for the assembly which is experiencing some problems with the city concerning their meeting place. In spite of these difficulties Leslie Wells and Grard Roy had some Gospel meetings from October 22 to November 11. The assembly was encouraged by their conference held on November 10 and 11. Larry Buote and Shad Kember were also present to help.

New Brunswick

Baker Lake: Helped by brethren from the Green River Assembly Grard Roy is visiting this village with Gospel calendars and tracts.

Green River: The assembly greatly appreciated ministry meetings with Leslie Wells on the book of Nehemiati.

Shdiac: The assembly held their monthly afternoon meeting on November 26. Leslie Wells and two local brethren ministered the Word to the saints.

Nova Scotia

Blues Mills: Our annual conference held on November 11 and 12 was well attended and encouraging with nine brethren giving helpful ministry. On November 25, the saints rejoiced in the baptism of two believers. David Hunt was with us for the baptism and stayed with us for the Lord’s Day

Nineveh: Prayers are valued for our dear sister Gwen Swan and her family She recently had major surgery. The assembly enjoyed a visit from Brother Malcolm Radcliffe for three nights of ministry following the Sussex conference.

Truro: On November18 and 19, the hall was filled to capacity with Stan Wells and Albert Hull responsible for the seven ministry meetings on the topic of Christian Living in the New Century The large response was appreciated and the gospel meeting was attended by many for the first time. The mayor and his wife were also present and many witnessed seven obey the Lord in baptism.

Weaver”s Settlement: James McClelland and Fred Bartlett are encouraged with the attendance and also with the help to preach the gospel in the small assembly here. There are some showing concern and prayer is valued as they continue to faithfully preach the Word.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: Good numbers are attending the meetings that started November S with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay We are waiting for indications of interest and concern.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Charlottetown: Bert Joyce plans to spend time with the assembly for ministry meetings in early December.

Flowers Cove: Gospel meetings have ended with Carl Payne and Eric Fowler. Gospel calendars were given out to each home in the area during the meetings. Continue to pray for God’s blessing on His Word.

Grand Falls-Windsor: Weekly gospel meetings were started in October, using a local Recreational Centre. Numbers have been small but unsaved have been out most nights for which we thank God. Continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing on this new work.

L’ance au Loup: Bibles and Gospel literature were mailed out to Davis Inlet recently. Also planned is a distribution to the school and library in the area. This interest came due to the funeral of a young man, over a year ago, that was attended by about 15 men from this area. A call came from the chief who requested that literature be sent.

Parsons Pond: Bill Bingham, Wallace Buckle, Peter Matthews, and Bert Joyce were present for the ministry of the Word on November 26. Bert Joyce took the gospel meeting.

Rocky Harbour: The gospel meetings with Bill Bingham and Wallace Buckle are in their sixth week with a good number of unsaved coming. Pray for long awaited blessing in this area.

Sandringham: Ministry given by Bert Joyce from November 30 to December 3 was greatly appreciated.



Anchorage: The saints rejoice in the salvation of three teenaged boys who are now observing the Breaking of Bread meetings. Tommy Thompson has continued with cottage meetings for many months in Takeetna (2 1/2 hour north).


San Diego: Tom Baker had children’s meetings in December with good attendance. We also had an appreciated three-day visit by Jim Currie and Brian Currie.


Phoenix: The conference this year was well attended. Appreciated ministry was given by Norman Mellish, Ed Doherty, Bill Lavery, Jim Currie, Brian Currie, Walter Gustafson, Eric McCullough, Alan Davidson, and G.P. Taylor. Eric McCullough and Alan Davidson remained after the conference for a series in the gospel. Some blessing has been seen.


Garnavillo: Murray McCandless and William Skates started gospel meetings on November 15. One young boy has professed and others are showing some interest.

Marion: The saints enjoyed a week of ministry in early November with Albert Hull and two weeks with John Slabaugh on things most surely believed.”


Blue River: Albert Hull had appreciated ministry meetings in late October and was encouraged to observe the interest in the Word of God.

Egg Harbor: Jerry Jennings is presently (early December) in gospel meetings with George Patterson. There has been some interest.


New Lennox: Albert Hull gave appreciated ministry here in early November.


Livonia: Dan Shutt and Norman Crawford closed four weeks of gospel meetings on November 26. The meetings were encouraging with good attendance and some blessing in salvation.


Bryn Mawr: The annual conference was larger than in recent years. Helpful, practical ministry was given by brethren Gary Sharp, Jim Smith, Walter Gustafson, Gilbert Stewart, Gene Higgins, Bill Seale and David Oliver. A young woman professed to be saved, which was an encouragement. The assembly enjoyed a visit by brother Gilbert Stewart which included a report of gospel work in the south of Ireland; he also visited nearby assemblies in Barrington, Hatboro, Longport, Olney and Pennsauken. Dale Vitale was expected for this year’s Sunday School Treat on December 10, DV.

Hatboro: The believers were greatly encouraged to see the hand of God in salvation during three weeks of gospel meetings with Gene Higgins who used his chart on Future Events. The support of neighboring assemblies was appreciated and the hall was full most nights.

New Jersey

Midland Park: Jim Smith was with the assembly for ministry meetings from November 19-22.


Frostburg: Steve Kember visited the assembly October 25-30. He gave very profitable ministry on effective Gospel outreach by a local assembly

Cumberland: Dan Shutt and Bill Seale, Jr. spoke at the baptism of Mr. Jason Ganoe at the assembly on October 29. Jason currently lives in Montana and was recently saved under the preaching of Mr. Shutt there. He originally attended the Sunday School classes at the Cumberland assembly


Madawaska: The assembly enjoyed a visit from David Kember on October 22. This is his former field of labor. The assembly has had two added to the fellowship lately


Methuen: The saints appreciated the solemn gospel preached by Peter Orasuk on Lord’s day Nov. 19. A visit by Gilbert Stewart was greatly appreciated with encouraging ministry on Nov. 22 and on the Lord’s Day Nov 26. Brother Stewart also visited Byfield on Nov. 24. giving a report of work in the S. Ireland


Manchester: Peter Orasuk was here for three nights of Bible Readings on the meetings of the assembly.

Newington: At the one-day conference, the saints heard helpful ministry from Walter Gustafson, David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio. The six weeks of children’s meetings ended, but the interest from neighborhood children has remained high. Many are now attending the regular Sunday School. David Oliver purposes ministry meetings here the week before Saugus conference.

Terryville: The saints were encouraged by the visit of Walter Gustafson November 19. Also, a young man has asked for reception in the assembly here.

N. Ireland

Ballymagarrick: Following the erection of their new hall, the brethren were greatly encouraged at the opening meetings when many local people attended. Meetings were held for three days and nights for the proclamation of the gospel and ministry of the Word. The speakers were W. Fenton, R. Pickering, A. McShane and J.G. Hutchinson.

Banbridge and Drumlough have had ministry by T. Bentley on the life of David, and on 2 Timothy.

Duneane: T. Topley and C. Brown have been encouraged with a good number of strangers coming to hear the gospel.

Dromore: S. McBride (Tassagh) held two and a half weeks of meetings on prophetic subjects with the use of a large illustrated chart. Much help was given and the meetings were very profitable, with much neglected ministry being restated with clarity

Drumnacanvar: W. Fenton and M. Campbell have commenced meetings close to this country assembly

Kilkeel: W.J. Nesbitt and R. Shannon continue with good interest and blessing in salvation.

Limivady: D. Gilliland and R. Eadie are now in their 8th week in this large town.

Lungs and Killycurragh held their annual conferences in October with good attendance and a sense of the Lord’s presence.

Martray: J. Thompson and T. Wright are preaching nightly in this difficult area.

Newtownbreda, Belfast: N. McKewon and B. Graham are now in their seventh week and have had many in under the sound of the gospel.

Newtownstewart: D. Kane had two weeks of profitable Bible readings.

Plantation, Lisburn: A. McShane had a well attended week of meetings with ministry from the Song of Songs.

Shanaghan: T. Meekin and J. Palmer have had well attended meetings and good help to proclaim the gospel nightly Annual conferences were held in Omagh, Clough, and Ballinamallard where the Word was ministered to profit.

St. Lucia

The assemblies on the island united in attending ministry meetings in the Forestaire Gospel Hall conducted by brother Albert Hull who visited November 25 to December 16. Our brother writes, “It was a cheer to have a large number on Monday night – a great sacrifice for these dear believers to come nightly It is encouraging to witness what God has wrought in St. Lucia. Our brethren Jack Nesbitt and Jack Gould have certainly put much work into this needy island and the fruit of their labors is evident in the six assemblies established. Sam Maze has also been involved in seeing God’s hand in blessing. Ben Prins, his wife Ruth and family are here for one year and have applied themselves totally to the work. Pray for the work here.” Jack Gould arrives in mid-December for a six-week stay

Conferences. D.V.

San Diego, CA

February 17 and 18 with Prayer meeting on 16 at 7:30 p.m. Meetings will be 10a.m., 2p.m. and 7p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave. There will be a Bible Reading Saturday and Sunday mornings.The Bible readings will be 1 John 4 and 5. Corr: William Smith, Tel: (619) 582-2109, Hall: (619) 280-7021.

Tylertown, Mississippi

A one day conference is planned for Feb. 4.2001, Accomodations available from Keith Young, (601) 545-3525.

Conference Reminders:

Seattle, WA: January 27-28
Deland, FL: February 2-4
Tampa, FL: February 10-11

Change of Address

Allan LeBlanc, 8 Northgate Blvd., Brampton, ON, L65 4A6, Tel: (905) 455-6331.

Ed Miller, 20 Dorman Drive, Stouffville, ON, L4A 8A6, Tel: (905) 642-5684, Fax: (905) 642-4997.

Change of Correspondent

Stout, IA: Gary De Groote, 28073 Westbrook Street, New Hartford, IA 50660, Tel: (319) 983-2713.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Hinckley, MN: Roland Ekstrand, 408 – 1st Street NW #6, Hinckley, MN 55037, Tel: (320) 384- 6710, E-mail: rekstrand@juno.com

With Christ

When there is uncertainty about who is responsible for submitting an obituary to the magazine, may we suggest that the assembly correspondent, or designate, handle this very sensitive but appreciated task. The majority of assemblies handle it this way. We attempt to limit obituaries to about 100 words.

Howard W. Gillespie of Midland, ON on June 2000, age 79. Our beloved brother was born in P.E.I. and saved at the age of 19 in Toronto. He was in fellowship in the Brock Ave., Rexdale and finally Midland assemblies. Howard was a brother who will be remembered as one who had a shepherd’s heart and also a love for the gospel. He is survived by his wife Jean, three daughters and their families.

Mrs Marjorie Potter of Earlton, ON, age 79, on September 30,2000. Marjorie was saved at the age of sixteen and was a blessing and help to the Earlton assembly where she remained in happy fellowship until her homecall. She was predeceased by one daughter and is survived by her husband John Potter, two sons, two daughters, eleven grandchildren and one great-grand child. The funeral was taken by Keith Edwards and Murray Pratt.

Selma Normore (Layden) of L’anse au Loup, LB on October 10, 2000, age 46. Selina was born again April 12, 1996, baptised and received into assembly fellowship shortly after. Her four short years of testimony were well lived for her Lord and Master. Left to treasure her memory are her husband Urias, son Clinton and Claudia, and granddaughter Brittany She also leaves her elderly father Raymond Layden, three sisters and four brothers for whom prayer is requested. One brother Kenneth, saved in the same gospel series as she, is in assembly fellowship. The large funeral was taken by Bert Joyce and M. McCandless, with F. Fowler at the grave.

Mrs Winnifred Fergusson of Earlton, ON, age 84, on October 21,2000. Winnifred was saved during meetings held by bre. Brice and Widdifield in 1929 at Englehart, and was in fellowship when the assembly was formed in 1933. In 1936 she married Norman Fergusson and moved to Earlton where she continued as a faithful helper of God’s people until her homecall. She was predeceased by her husband and one granddaughter. She is survived by four sons, two daughters, fifteen grand children and fourteen great-grand children. The funeral service was taken by Larry Pratt and sons, Ron and Stan Fergusson.

Agnes Mary Donnan (Cissie) nee Devoy of Portavogie, N.I. on October 29,2000, age 91. She was saved in 1926 and received into the assembly the following year. Our sister was the longest of any in the assembly; she taught Sunday School in her early life and for 73 years never lost her love or interest in the assembly even when confined in closing days. Often she repeated, “I shall be satisfied when I awake with His likeness.” She is survived by her husband George, son Leslie, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

Laurale Schumacher of Waterloo, IA on November 7, age 75. She and her husband Charles were saved on the same day in 1956 while attending meetings of the late brethren Oliver Smith and Paul Elliott. She was received into the Western Avenue assembly shortly thereafter, and continued steadfastly until her homecall. She leaves to mourn her husband and two sons. Robert Orr, Russ Nesbit and floyd Christopherson shared in the funeral service.

Fern Harbaugh of Waterloo, IA on November 8, age 82. She was saved February 13, 1949 while reading a gospel tract. She was received into the Western Avenue assembly in 1950, and continued faithfully until the Lord called her home. She is survived by her husband, Robert, one daughter, three sons, and seven grandchildren. “Her children rise up and call her blessed.” The funeral service was shared by Ron Wessels and Russ Nesbit.

Mr. Jim Graham of Plantation, NI unexpectedly on November 13, 2000. Saved in September 1950 while attending Gospel meetings conducted by his uncle Isaac McMullan. Jim was a foundation member of the Plantation assembly in Lisburn, being treasurer for many years. A highly esteemed brother and elder, his spiritual ministry, pastoral care and gospel preaching will be greatly missed. His devoted family especially his wife Ella, daughters Linda, Adele and Eleanor, his sons Peter and Samuel have suffered a great loss.

W. Fred Kernohan of London, ON on November 16, age 96. Our dear brother was saved as a young man of 32, after having been invited to a gospel meeting on a business trip to Winnipeg. The preacher’s text was “Where art thou?” Gen. 3:9. Awakened, he said out loud later in the meeting, “I’ve got it!” He and his wife moved to London in 1975 from Oil Springs having been previously in fellowship in the Glen Rae assembly His latter years were marked by his prayerfulness and patience. His wife, Eldora, predeceased him in 1986. Gordon Brodie and Hugh Garnham took the funeral service.

Mrs. Edna Kellestine of London, ON on November 24,2000, age 75. Our beloved sister was born in Maniwaki, PQ, but raised her family in London. A neighbour invited her to gospel meetings where she was saved on March 22, 1998. Overcoming family difficulties, she was baptised and in happy assembly fellowship for six weeks before here home call. She leaves a daughter, two sons, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Jack Webb of Sarnia, ON on November 29, age 99. Our beloved brother was born in Binningham England and placed in an orphan home at the age of 6. He was moved to Toronto at ten years of age and later came into contact with the gospel. During a series of gospel meeting in Sarnia conducted by bre. Charles Keller, and Albert Klabunda, he was saved in 1935. Baptized the next year, he continued in happy fellowship until the Lord called him home. The word was faithfully preached by Bill Metcalf.

Gospel Tracts

For the year 2001, twenty new attractively printed tracts are being offered to the Lord’s people, bringing our total to 263 different titles. These new tracts are clearly printed on pure white, linen finish, Hammermill paper. Tracts are two color, blue and red. If you desire samples of these 20 new tracts we will mail them to you at our expense. Write to Robert E. Surgenor, 4527 West 226 St. Cleveland, OH 44126-2513, or, phone 1-440-734-1942. Printing cost has risen, but for 2001, we are holding to the same price as in former years. A reasonable amount of tracts are free to individuals, but reimbursement for shipping would be appreciated. For assemblies, cost is $15 per thousand, plus shipping.. Sample packs (one of each tract), will be mailed priority mail anywhere in the U.S.A. for $5.00; Canada $8.00; Overseas $10.00. We are expecting a delivery of 800,000 tracts in January, bringing our stock to about eight million.

The Person of Christ

This book with eight authors was first published in 1981. A second edition has been printed. It is still available from N. Crawford, 2148 Creglow Drive, Jackson, MI 49203 USA.

From Gospel Folio Press

“The Grandeur of Golgotha” by Neil M. Fraser This is a book rich in precious truth from the cross and will be a delight to everyone who truly loves the Savior.

“Remember the Days of Old” by Betty McMullen. A very interesting account of the work of the Lord in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.