Our Heritage: Earlton, Ontario

The first record we have of gospel work in the North shows that John Sylvester and Mr. J. Rouse came up to New Liskeard by boat in 1902 and 1903 and had gospel meetings. There is no record of any being saved at that time. In the spring of 1906, Albert Carr, Alfred Carr, their brother-in-law Hugh Fergusson, and a nephew, James Baldwin, moved up from Muskoka. They had previously visited in 1905 and obtained lots for farming west of Earlton.

Early in 1907, they heard that there were gospel meetings being held in New Liskeard. Albert Carr, who had been saved while working in Toronto and had been in fellowship in Brock Avenue, walked 24 miles down to see who was there. It was John Sylvester and Fred Watson. He talked to them about coming to Earlton. They moved the tent to Earlton that summer and a number were saved.

Later in 1907, they held a baptism and planted the assembly. A number of those first saved soon moved back south except Mr. and Mrs. Albert Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Fergusson. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baldwin, and others who carried on. Later, the Halls, Ta ylors, Fields, and others were added.

We thank God for preserving this little testimony and pray for grace and strength to carry on until He comes. Perhaps it would be interesting to note that, of the twenty-one now in fellowship, over eighty percent are grandchildren or great-grandchildren, a-long with their spouses, of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Fergusson.