Editorial: Appreciation

No hand in Israel was ever large enough to grasp all the fine flour (Lev 2:2,3). There was always something left for the priest and his family. Likewise, as we consider the beauties and virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can hardly begin to grasp all that constitutes the loveliness which delighted the heart of God. Likewise, it would be folly to try and isolate one virtue from another. The garment He wore was without seam; the virtues He displayed were all interrelated and blended together by love and holiness.

But one of those traits was His genuine appreciation. Whatever little was done for Him, whether by feeble disciples (Luke 22: 28-30), a faithful servant (Acts 23:11) or a faltering prophet (Luke 7:24-28), all evoked deep appreciation from His heart.

It is only fitting that the same spirit of appreciation should mark us, as was inherent in His person. The end of a year, naturally, causes us to look back over what has occurred and to recognize those who have contributed so unselfishly to produce Truth and Tidings.

The staff of Truth and Tidings, all of whose names are found on the inside back cover, work together without any personal agendas or sectional favoritism. This unity and harmony is highly prized. Advice, constructive criticism, and help are always available.

Individuals who contribute to the magazine in specific ways include Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glenney who work together to handle the subscriptions. The Question and Answer section, handled by David Oliver, has consistently been one of the most appreciated parts of the magazine. The brevity of his answers belies the long hours and exercise which is behind them. Alex Joyce and Eugene Higgins are always available for proofreading and for re-editing what is sent to them. Eugene also arranges for the gospel articles and edits them. Robert Reilly continues to do an excellent and careful job of handling the financial aspects of the magazine. Phil Broadhead, who had the unenviable task of trying to attain to the high standard which was set by Norman Lorimer, has done an excellent job of continuing the vital work of assembling the news items for the magazine.

There are names as well which do not appear on the masthead which are also vital to the distribution of the magazine each month. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Buck along with the believers in the Jackson assembly oversee this important task, getting the magazine out each month in a timely manner.

In case any are not of aware of it, the former editor has not “retired” from the magazine but continues to pour long hours and much thought into each issue. He humbly has assumed the title of Publishing Editor. His advice and wisdom, however, are sought in every major decision concerning the magazine. It was his effort and foresight which has brought the magazine to where it is today. The assemblies and the staff of Truth and Tidings recognize this and owe him a great debt of thanks.

Lastly, we appreciate our readership and the often insightful comments and suggestions which are made. We covet your prayers for the usefulness of this vehicle in the year ahead that it may continue to proclaim the truth of God and to promote the fellowship of the people of God.