The “Currency” of Heaven

Every day people wanting to borrow money declare their net worth on forms submitted to financial institutions. It’s well known in the world that many people who are struggling to maintain a lavish lifestyle have little “net worth”, that is, if all their debts were paid, there would be very little left on the positive side of the ledger. Let’s think of a few people in Scripture who, in the 11 currency” of Heaven, had vast “net worth”.

A Devoted Depositor

The first is the worshipping woman of Luke 7:37. Having invited the Lord Jesus to dine in his home, Simon the Pharisee is appalled at the intrusion of a “sinner” at the meal, questioning in his own mind the Savior’s credibility. We know that as the Lord was dining with Simon, He knew every detail of the woman’s life, and in His omniscience was aware of her making her way to the house, intent on worshipping Him. It must have delighted the Father to see a sinner coming for this purpose, to honor His Son with the aromatic ointment she’d purchased at great cost; at some time in the past, I suggest, in view of such an opportunity as this. She quietly moves into the dining area with her heart brimming and oblivious of spectators begins to bestow on the Lord all that Simon omitted and more.

Now we’re about to discover the currency” that Heaven values, for the first item the Spirit draws our attention to is her tears. Why not the beautiful alabaster box? or the ointment? No, the ointment is mentioned last of all. So abundant were these precious tears that she is able to “wash” His feet as she silently expresses her love for the Savior. I picture her standing as her tears rained upon His feet.

Next, her hair, given for her glory, is employed in her devotion as she wipes His feet. Impossible to continue standing, now she stoops down to use her hair in a manner that is glorifying to Him. Lastly, she is seen bent low, bestowing kiss after kiss upon His feet that were soon to be pierced at Calvary. The Lord said, “She hath not ceased to kiss my feet.” I believe the lesson is that the higher our Lord is enthroned upon the worship of our hearts, the more accurate and lower will be our appraisal of self. At last she uses the costly ointment, its fragrance more valuable in Heaven’s assessment than Simon will ever know.

On eternal record is the value of her worship, and we have noted her tears, her hair, her kisses and the precious ointment. But if this were all, then we would be in danger of missing the most important point, for it was the devotion of her heart that God valued above all else. In contrast to Simon’s sanctimonious outrage that this sinner should “touch” his guest (v.39), the Lord confers upon her His recognition that, “she loved much.” God grant us the desire to deposit such currency in Heaven’s vault!

Oh let my love with fervor burn,
And from the world now let me turn;
Living for Thee, and Thee alone,
Bringing Thee pleasure on Thy throne
Only one life, ’twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ will last.