Poetry: The Story of a False Prophet

In the Word of God, Oh wondrous book,
In Numbers 22,
We read of Balaam and the ass,
A story very true.

A faithful beast was Balaam’s,
Like the one used by the Lord,
And it spared the life of Balaam
From the angel’s gleaming sword.

But Balaam’s folly was revealed,
For he had a wicked plan,
And ne’er had ever heard before
A beast that spoke like man.

I’m warned of Balaam’s error
In the eleventh verse of Jude;
A signpost on the path of life,
Discerning bad from good.

I’m told of Balaam’s doctrine
In Revelation two;
In Numbers chapter thirty one,
His counsel comes in view.

His wages, way and madness,
And iniquity as well,
In Second Peter clearly seen
Is a story sad to tell.

So beware of men like Balaam,
And avoid their wicked way,
For they’re still around and may be found
In this our time and day.