Poetry: Confiding in God

Our life is planned, our pathway traced,
Our future all decreed;
Our duty just to follow on
Wherever God doth lead.

We cannot see, we may not know
The issues of an hour;
We simply have to take each step
Upheld by Jesus’ power.

What folly then to vex our minds
With doubts about the road;
Why cannot we just leave it all
In confidence to God?

Why not rejoice, if now there shines
The sun upon our way?
Why think of storms that may arise
On some far distant day?

Not all our thought, not all our care
Will alter the decree,
If God in love has seen it best
That stormy days shall be.

But this we know, that He will prove,
A refuge and a tower,
A very present help, a shield,
In trouble’s darkest hour.