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        Introduction                          Scripture woven into its whole texture.”
                                              When purchasing an original painting, a
          The hypothetical reasoning of Paul re-
        garding the resurrection could be applied   certificate of authenticity is vital, but the
                                              buyer wants the see the colours, contrasts
        to this current topic: If Christ is not divine,   and brushstrokes of the artwork as well.
        our faith is vain, we are yet in our sins …   He wants to see and feel its reality. So it
        we are of all men most miserable. This is not   is with Scripture. There are proof texts in
        hyperbole; eternity hinges on the identity   abundance of the deity of Christ (Joh 1:1;
        of the Lord Jesus.                    20:28; Rom 9:5; 1Ti 3:16; Titus 2:13; Heb
          To say that Christ is divine is to say that   1:8; 2Pe 1:1; 1Jn 5:20); these correspond to
        He has the essential nature and substance   the certificate. More than this, however,
        of God. He is not ontologically inferior in   are the shadows, hints, implications and
        any way. As a man on earth, He was still   tenses that combine to give the feel and
        co-equally, co-essentially and co-eternally   experience of reality.
        God. There is a distinction of persons   The Law
        within the Godhead, meaning Christ is   The art gallery of Old Testament types
        the Son, and not the Father. Since the   shows us that the man Christ Jesus is
        substance of God cannot be divided, both   divine. The ephod of the high priest was
        persons are divine.                   a singular item (Exo 39:2,3), with two
                                              distinct materials – linen and golden wire
          When He was made flesh, He became   (Jews regarded gold as a symbol of deity,
        what He had never been before, but never   hence the golden calf [32:3,4]). The manna
        ceased to be who He ever was. In one   was like a gold-coloured seed (Num 11:7),
        person (Christ) there resided two natures   and the tabernacle had badgers’ skins on
        (divine and human). He is simultaneously   the outside (Exo 26:14), veiling the gold
        and paradoxically truly God and truly   within. Each type describes one item, with
        man.  This article will focus on the divine   two distinct features, foreshadowing one
        nature of the Lord Jesus.             person (Christ) with two natures (divine
          Proving the deity of Christ is “not forc-  and human).
        ing one or two texts, but the doctrine of   ² John Nelson Darby, The Deity of Christ
                                              and What Constitutes Christianity: https://
        ¹ The Chalcedonian Definition: https://www.      MISCELLA/33009E.html
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