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hen God looked down from     embodied in human flesh. Chapter one
                 heaven, He observed that the   of the Gospel According to John identi-
        Wentire human race was corrupt        fies Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God
        and no one was seeking God (Psa 14:2-  and calls Him “the Word” – a distinctive
        3). He created us in His image, and we
        rebelled. Humanity was lost, blind and   person within the Godhead (“with God”),
        enslaved by sin. How did our merciful   yet equally God (“was God”). Then John
        God respond? He did so by becoming one   testifies clearly to the incarnation: “The
        of us, and humbly sharing in our flesh and   Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
        blood existence (Heb 2:14). Hold the truth   We observed his glory, the glory as the
        of the incarnation of Christ tenaciously,   one and only Son from the Father” (Joh
        but never get used to it. The source of life,   1:1,14).  Notice that He was not dispos-
        who upholds all things, was held in the   sessed of divine glory, “for the entire
        arms of His virgin mother and sustained   fullness of God’s nature dwells bodily in
        at her breasts. When we cease to wonder,
        we cease to worship, and it is a massive   Christ” (Col 2:9), so that in the incarnation
        wonder of divine grace that the Son of God   He became what He never was before (a
        became a man so that men and women    man) without ceasing to be what He ever
        could become sons of God.             was (God). “Every other birth [concep-
        The Meaning of “Incarnation”          tion] is the creation of a new personality.
          The  English  term  comes  from  Latin   It was not so with Jesus. There was a
        words meaning “in” and “flesh.” In    Divine Person already existing but now
        Christian theology, then, the incarnation   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        refers to God’s “in-fleshing” – His being   CSB.

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