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Transcendence                         To prove this invisible reality, He outlined
          “He that cometh from heaven is above   visible works that He would perform. His
        all” (Joh 3:31) and “I am from above”   works are the classic works of deity: salva-
        (8:23) are statements of transcendence.   tion, condemnation, adoration (vv21-24).
        Though a lowly carpenter who walked   The works are described as being given
        Galilee’s roads, He was still inhabiting   by the Father, showing the functions of
        eternity, higher and greater than all. The   the Godhead. But they all spring from the
        one who came down from heaven was still   same source – the Father and Son have
        the Son of man in heaven (3:13). He was   the same essence, distinct persons not-
        far beyond man’s reach, but came so near   withstanding. Who else but an everlasting
                                              person could impart everlasting life? Who
        that He was seen and touched.         else but an omniscient judge could know
        Inscrutability                        every case and assess every heart in global
          Though He came in flesh and blood,   judgment? Christ did these works exactly
        there is an aspect to the person of Christ   as the Father would have done them.
        that is far beyond our comprehension    No wonder He said, “He that hath seen
        – unsearchable. Job understood this to   me hath seen the Father” (14:9), the perfect
        be a divine attribute, saying, “Touching   and visible expression of the substance of
        the Almighty, we cannot find him out”   God (Heb 1:3). Only God can reveal God.
        (37:23). Luke concurs, recording, “No man   Titles
        knoweth who the Son is” (10:22). This   Eternality  is another proof of deity,
        refers to the inner life of the Son, aside   and this attribute is revealed as a title in
        from His dealings with man. Had He not   Scripture: “I am the first, and I am the last
        chosen to reveal Himself, we would still   … beside me there is no God” (Isa 44:6).
        be blind.                             The New Testament equivalent is, “I am
        Works                                 Alpha and Omega, the first and the last”
          In order to prove the invisible reality   (Rev 1:11). John ascribes this title to the
        of His divine nature, the Lord Jesus per-  Son of man, the Lord Jesus. John further
        formed miracles. The healing of the lame   describes the Son of man as the Ancient of
        man is a classic example. The Lord Jesus   Days of Daniel’s prophecy (cf. Dan 7:9; Rev
        claimed to forgive his sins (Mar 2:5), but   1:14). He doesn’t use the title but mirrors
        the Jews thought that this was a work only   the same features. Daniel saw the Son of
        God could do (v7). Being omniscient, He   man and the Ancient of Days as distinct
        knew their thoughts (v8) and presented   persons. John saw the same essence. Both
        them with a humanly impossible di-    were right.
        lemma. Sins forgiven, or lame walking?   The Lord Jesus is also called the “Holy
        To prove the invisible reality – that this   One” (Act 3:14), “true God” (1Jn 5:20)
        man’s sins were forgiven and that He was   and “Son of God” (Mat 14:33). He has the
        God – He told the lame man to walk.  No   names and titles of God, for He is God.
        wonder they said, “We never saw it on   Conclusion
        this fashion” (v12).                    When  considering  the  mystery  and
          Similarly, when the Lord Jesus claimed   wonder of our blessed Lord, we can only
        that God was His Father (Joh 5:17), He was   fall at His feet and exclaim, “My Lord and
        claiming to have the same nature as God.   my God” (Joh 20:28).

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