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Psalms                                “Thy King cometh unto thee: he is just,
          The marriage Psalm of the Messiah pic-  and having salvation” (9:9). He further
        tures the son of David like his “fellows”   describes this king as “the LORD … king
        – He is a man. God says to this king, “Thy   over all the earth” (14:9). Zechariah re-
        throne, O God, is for ever and ever” (Psa   cords both advents of the King and calls
        45:6,7).  The man on the throne is called   Him Jehovah – this is “the King of the
                                              ages” (1Ti 1:17 JND).
        God – He is divine.
          David’s son is also David’s Lord, show-  Incommunicable Attributes
        ing He is eternal; “The LORD said unto   Aseity
        my Lord [Adon], Sit thou at my right    The Lord Jesus is self-existent, self-suf-
        hand, until I make thine enemies thy   ficient and absolutely independent of His
        footstool” (Psa 110:1; cf. Mar 12:35-37).   creation. He has life in Himself (Joh 5:26),
        The Psalmist never considered Adon to   and, as the I AM, is complete in Himself
        be an inferior title to Jehovah (cf. Psa 8:9;   (8:58). Further, He is the non-contingent
        97:5). The fact that there is a man sitting   creator; all things received being through
        where only God sits tells us that Christ is   Him, meaning He received purpose and
        divine. God is a jealous God and cannot   existence from none (1:3). The mystery of
        give His glory to another. Christ is sitting   His person is that the one with life in Him-
        in a place reserved for deity – no creature   self forfeited it at the cross. It is not that
        dares sit there (Heb 1:13).           God died, but Christ having become man
                                              died. The self-sufficient one hungered,
          Further proof of His deity is seen in the   and the uncaused creator, who needed
        subjugation of all His enemies. Universal   nothing, stooped to purchase a bride as
        rule is the preserve of God alone; He is the   His fulness.
        “King over all the earth” (Psa 47:2); only   Immutability
        He can be worshipped (Luk 4:8). Since
        Christ receives the homage and honour   “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and
        due to God, it shows He is divine.    today, and for ever” (Heb 13:8) parallels
        Prophets                              “I am the LORD, I change not” (Mal 3:6).
                                              The Lord Jesus is Jehovah. In His nature
          The  prophets  believed  this  doctrine   He is changeless, perfect, and does not
        too, proclaiming the virgin’s child as   suffer or fluctuate. He is not the God of
        Immanuel (Isa 7:14). The son given was   open-theism, changing His will and suf-
        the Mighty God (9:6). They said that a   fering emotionally. Entropy is a feature of
        messenger would be sent in advance to   creation; it perishes, but the Son “remains”
        prepare the way of Jehovah (40:3; Mal 3:1).   (Heb 1:10,11). Though Son (referring to
        Fast forward to the Gospels and John the   His divine nature – immutable and impas-
        Baptist announces the coming of Jesus of   sible), He learned obedience by the things
        Nazareth (Mat 3:3). The Synoptics har-  which He suffered (5:8). He could only
        monize with the prophets, since Jesus of   suffer having become man, but such pas-
        Nazareth is Jehovah of hosts.         sions have made Him “perfect” (2:10) and
          Long before the Lord Jesus came to   fitted Him to be our merciful High Priest.
        Jerusalem on a donkey, Zechariah said,   Small wonder we sing of this Priest, “O
        ³ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   Thou who changest not, abide with me.”
        unless otherwise noted.               ⁴ Henry Francis Lyte, Abide With Me (1847)

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