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entering upon a new mode of existence.”    a high priest who is unable to sympathize
        However, “one must be careful not to   with our weaknesses, but one who has
        confuse the incarnation with a metamor-  been tempted in every way as we are, yet
        phosis. God did not change into a man,   without sin.”
        as in Greek mythology. Instead the Son of   Purposes of the Incarnation
        God adopted human nature and united it   God’s Revelation
        with His divine nature in the unity of one
        person …. This must be taken to mean not   God spoke in many ways down through
        that Jesus Christ is a third being between   the ages, but His ultimate message and
        God and man but that he is the One who   self-disclosure has come in these last
        is fully God and truly man.” 3        days by the incarnation of His Son (Heb
                                              1:1-2). While “no one has ever seen God,
        The Fullness of the Incarnation       the one and only Son, who is himself
          In our desire to protect the Lord Jesus’   God and is at the Father’s side – he has
        deity, we must be careful not to minimize   revealed him” (Joh 1:18). We are not left
        the reality of His manhood. In fact, deny-  grasping in the dark, looking in vain for
        ing the genuineness of His human expe-  an unknowable being. God has not hid-
        rience is the spirit of antichrist at work   den Himself – “He was manifested in the
        (1Jn 4:2-3; 2Jn 7). In His humanity, He   flesh” (1Ti 3:16). When we look at the Lord
        developed within the womb of Mary. He   Jesus in the pages of Scripture, we see God
        went through the successive stages of life,   unveiled in crystal clarity and our hearts
        and Scripture presents Him as a swaddled   are touched as we learn in Christ that our
        infant (Luk 2:7), a boy who invoked anxi-  God is a self-humbling God (Php 2:5-8).
        ety in His parents and still submitted to   Take note – the man, Christ Jesus, is not a
        them (Luk 2:48,51), and a man who had   partial representation of God, but a perfect
        a regular job as a carpenter (Mar 6:3). His   revelation of all that God is, “the image of
        earthly pilgrimage was characterized by   the invisible God” (Col 1:15).
        prayer, because He was a real man living   Our Salvation
        in dependence upon His God (Luk 22:41-  Scripture is replete with the message
        42). He was hungry (Mat 4:2), thirsty (Joh   that, because of our sinfulness, God can
        4:6-7), tired (Mar 4:38), and tears fell down   only be approached on the basis of a sac-
        His cheeks (Joh 11:35). We worship a God   rifice, and that “without the shedding of
        who is not distant from the pain of our   blood there is no forgiveness” (Heb 9:22).
        human existence, “for since he himself   Eternal death is the just punishment for
        has suffered when he was tempted, he is   sins (Rev 21:8). For us to be saved – rec-
        able to help those who are tempted” (Heb   onciled to God – our penalty needed to
        2:18). But in becoming like us, He remains   be paid, but no man or woman could ever
        different from us, for His true humanity   pay the penalty themselves. We are frail
        is a perfect humanity. Hebrews 4:15 is a   and finite sinners, and even the eternal
        precious summary: “For we do not have   punishment of unbelievers will not make
        ² John R. Rollo, “The Son of Man” in The Faith -   payment for sins committed against the
        A Symposium of Bible Doctrine, F.A. Tatford, Ed.   infinite God. The incarnation is the an-
        (Kilmarnock: John Ritchie Ltd., 1999), 51.  swer. Our salvation required someone
        ³ Donald G. Bloesch, Essentials of Evangelical
        Theology (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2006),   to suffer and die in our place, to offer a
        128-129.                              sacrifice of infinite value and fully pay our
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