Bible Study – Book Outlines (5): Deuteronomy

In Hebrew, the title of the book is “These be the Words.” It is a sermon by Moses to exhort a new generation to make a whole-hearted commitment to the Covenant.

Four Great Sermons

Speaker – Moses


Ch 1-4 Historical

Ch 6-11 Theological – 10 great adjectives used for God

Ch 12-26 Practical – Details of many aspects of daily life

Ch 27-34 Prophetical – Messiah and Millennial glory

Site – By the Jordan

Scholars – Once slaves, now Scholars (In Exodus, Slaves; in Leviticus, Sacrificers; in Numbers, Sojourners; in Deuteronomy, Soldiers and Scholars)

Subjects – The Land, Lord, Location, Law, Leadership

Recurring Words and Themes

Statutes and Judgments – 17x

These Words – 6x

The Words – 23x

Take heed – 8x

Hear O Israel – 7x

Remember – 14x

The Land – 105x

Oath – 3x

Obey – 10x

Fear Him – 3x

Love – 16x (Occurs 2x in Exodus; 2x in Leviticus; 0 in Numbers.) This is the first book in which we have God’s love for His people and the requirement in turn to love the Lord.

Keep – 39x

All Israel – 13x

Statute – 29x; Judgment – 20x; Commandment – 42x (25x in ch 1-13; 15x in ch 26-31)

Place – 24x (in ch 12-18)

Revelations of the character of God – 7x

Learn to Fear – 5x

All Israel shall hear and fear – 7x

Do not forget – 9x

No pity – 5x

God of your Fathers – 6x

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – 6x

The Land

The land was inherited: A father gives to a son. In Deuteronomy, God is seen as Father to the nation and the nation as a son. Looking at “across” or “beyond Jordan.”

The land had all they needed: Food, Freshness, Fruitfulness, Fullness, Fortune in its soil. The iron and brass would be dug from hills, and would enable them to be fortified for enemy attacks.

The land was well-watered: Early rain to soften the soil; Latter rain to bring to maturity.

The land was owned: Ownership of the land was guaranteed by covenant, but the Occupancy in the land was dependent on obedience.


What the Bible Teaches – Deuteronomy by John Ritchie

An Outline of the Book of Deuteronomy by C. A. Coates (May be out of print but available used)

Notes on the Book of Deuteronomy by C. H. Mackintosh (Available through various booksellers)