British Columbia

Kamloops: Gospel meetings during October were an encouragement to the assembly. The faithful preaching from David McKillen and Dave Richards and the baptism of a young sister were a real blessing to all. Some from the community came, and the hall was packed on the last night for the baptism, which was encouraging. The assembly thanks those who prayed for the meetings.

Vancouver: It was encouraging to have a number of brethren share in the responsibility in ministry and the gospel at the 105th Thanksgiving Conference. (Jim Jarvis, John See [Malaysia], Frank Sona, Bert Snippe, Andrew Ussher, and David Vallance). Following the conference, John See gave four nights of profitable ministry in Victoria Drive on the subject of “Suffering.” He was in Edmonton for their conference, and also visited Calgary, and Westbank.

Newfoundland and Labrador

L’Anse au Loup: The fall conference weekend of October 12-14 held in the gospel hall went well with a helpful Bible study on 1 Peter 4, and encouraging ministry from Alex Dryburgh, Murray McCandless, Scott MacLeod, Pete Smith, and Brody Thibodeau. Edward Dredge (Flowers Cove, NL) and other younger brethren including Tim Burton (Summerside, PE), Isaac Bond (Barry, ON), and Matthew Russell (Pugwash, NS), also contributed and helped in the gospel, Sunday school, young people’s meeting, and ministry. A gospel meeting was also held in Red Bay on Monday night, October 15.

Nova Scotia

Clementsvale: Peter Ramsay was with the assembly for a two-week gospel outreach last May in Bear River.  Some new contacts were made and a number of believers and unbelievers from the community attended. David Hierlihy and John Meekin were also with the assembly for five weeks of gospel meetings in September-October. The Lord was evidently working in the hearts of several, and one 13-year-old girl trusted Christ.  The believers were encouraged and continue to look to the Lord for further blessing.


Sudbury: The assembly greatly appreciated having Matthew Cain for a week of children’s meetings and a weekend of teaching in October. The children’s meetings were well attended with several new attendees. The following weekend, the subject of “The Sacred Scriptures” was taken up in four excellent and appreciated sessions titled “Canonization, Preservation, Inspiration” and “Why I Believe the Bible.”



Terryville: In September, the assembly set up a booth at the local country fair passing out Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture items. The annual October Bible conference meetings were shared by Paul Barnhardt, Marcus Cain, Russ Coleman, Walter Gustafson, Murray McCandless, Scott MacLeod, and Jon Procopio. In November, A. J. Higgins was with the assembly for ministry meetings.


Marion: Shad Kember and Dan Shutt commenced gospel meetings on October 28.

Stout: Frank Sona planned to be with the assembly for ministry October 28-November 1.


Baldwin City: The Coal Creek assembly held one week of gospel meetings with Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber that closed on October 14. They were encouraged with 14 visitors who attended the meetings.


Saugus: For the third year, the assembly set up a booth in the center of Saugus on their Founders Day.  There was an encouraging response as hundreds stopped by to chat and accept invitations and literature. Calendars, tracts, and Bibles were well received. For the past several months, the assembly held community dinners each month followed by an opportunity to present the gospel. Invitations were handed out door to door and were well received, but not followed by the desired attendance at the dinner. Marcus Cain visited the assembly for one night of ministry concerning Job’s patience and steadfastness during his trial. Their annual Christmas program will be held on December 16. Gene Higgins will preach the gospel at this event. They have been encouraged by the good response and attendance in past years. Prayer is requested for these outreach efforts, that they may result in blessing in salvation and that God will be glorified.


Battle Creek: The Christians were greatly encouraged with ministry from Paul Chapman (missionary to Venezuela commended from Australia), Stu Thompson, Matt Smith (on the history of the assembly), and Paul Mason at the 50th anniversary all-day meeting held in October. The hall has also been remodeled over the previous several months.


Brodhead: William Skates planned to be with the assembly for ministry November 11-14.

La Crosse: The conference in late October was profitable, with ministry given by Al Christopherson, Jerry Jennings, Bill Lavery, Eric McCullough, Scott MacLeod, Murray McCandless, William Skates, Frank Sona, and Stanley Wells. The assembly commenced gospel meetings on November 4 with Al Christopherson and Brandon Doll.



Many decades ago, a brother laboring in Guatemala began to visit the Mexican state of Chiapas with the gospel. He was met with stoning in the indigenous area of Nueva Jerusalem, where there is now an assembly with a few dozen in fellowship. They mainly speak in the Mayan dialect, Tzeltal, but do understand Spanish. This is one of about 30 assemblies in Chiapas of which half would be in the indigenous areas. Recently, two new assemblies have commenced: one in Edeko, near Tapachula, and another near the state capital of Tuxtla Gutierrez. The state certified “MesoAmerican University of New Jerusalem of the Assemblies,” or UMAJA, is graduating its first class in December. If there are believers who wish to volunteer between two weeks and two months to come and teach English, please contact Dr. John Thropay at jthropay@beverlyoncology.com.  There are other doors of opportunity open in Chiapas, including Ocosingo where a teacher has been transferred and has a desire to see a work commence.

State Of Mexico

Nezahuacóyotl: The assembly received a married couple into the fellowship who had been attending for more than two years.


Pachuca: The assembly enjoyed a special weekend of teaching in October. Several believers from the Nezahuacóyotl assembly also came along to enjoy the ministry and fellowship.


Irapuato: During the last week of October, the believers enjoyed a visit from Ross Vanstone who was in the city when the work started many years ago. The assembly appreciated both his ministry and his exercise to visit believers and other contacts.


Iguala: The assembly enjoyed a visit from John Dennison in October when he gave ministry about future events. Along with the believers, there were a good number of unsaved visitors present.


Santiago Ixcuintla: The believers in the assembly were thankful for God’s preserving hand upon them when the region was hit by Hurricane Willa. However, many of the nearby villages and towns were severely affected by flooding. The believers have been visiting some of these communities to help with the cleanup, and provide some basic necessities along with gospel tracts. Prayer is requested that the Lord will use all of this outreach to open a door for the gospel in these communities.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: On October 12, David and Saly Cadenas came to reside in Cancún after being commended to the work of the Lord from Mérida, Venezuela. Their arrival, along with their two children, was an answer to prayer on the part of the assembly. Paul and Daphne Chapman, who labor in El Vigía, Venezuela, arrived on October 15 for a visit, and Paul’s help in the different meetings was appreciated, especially looking at different figures of the local assembly.

San Luis Potosi

El Barril: A young man was received into the fellowship in September, bringing much joy to the assembly. They continue to pray for several unsaved who attend frequently. In October a woman from Chaparrosa, a neighboring town, professed to be saved.


San Luis Río Colorado: The assembly enjoyed a weekend visit from Abisaí Vieyra and his family, when he shared both in ministry and the gospel. Another source of joy has been the reception of new believers to the assembly, including a man saved in the first meetings in the city in 2011. His return has been a special source of joy.

Hermosillo: The believers appreciated the effort and exercise of Shawn St. Clair, who, in the course of six days, gave 11 messages on 1 Peter and also shared in the gospel. The assembly was happy to have several believers from the Obregón assembly for the Saturday sessions. The teaching was excellent and the desire is that it may bear fruit.


Guasave: The assembly appreciated a visit from Tim Boddy (West Virginia). He shared in the ministry, the gospel, and visitation.

Mazatlán: Tim Boddy accompanied another brother and his family during the first week of October. Several house meetings were held in different homes, contacts of Marcos Sauceda (East Los Angeles, CA).


Veracruz: The assembly is preparing for the Seed Sowers effort planned for the last week of December followed by a gospel series. Prayers are much appreciated for this outreach.

Xalapa: In late September, the door was opened to preach the gospel in a rented building in Coatepec, a nearby town of 60,000 souls, famous for great coffee, but also for its religiosity. Bible texts and invitations were delivered by the Xalapa believers, and to date, around 25 people from the area have been in to hear the gospel, with some returning more than once. In the last two months, the assembly has seen blessing in salvation among new contacts.


Puerto Vallarta: On October 2, Marcus Cain visited the assembly and gave ministry from the book of Hebrews. Currently, the assembly is in the third week of gospel meetings with Ashley Milne (Fleetwood, BC), Austin Milne (Newton, BC), and Omar Lozada (Barquisimeto, Venezuela).


Monrovia/Downey, CA

December 29-30, with prayer meeting on Friday, December 28 at 7:30pm.  All meetings are in the Monrovia Gospel Hall, 211 S. Magnolia, Monrovia. Saturday and Sunday sessions are 10am-5pm each day. (Topics still to be determined).  Expected speakers are Marcus Cain and John Dennison. Accom: Reuben Thropay, Tel: 626-826-8777; E-mail: rthropay@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Saugus, MA – December 1-2

Pennsauken, NJ – January 5-6


Change of Address of Correspondent

Clyde Gospel Hall, OH: Steve McMurray, E-mail: mrstiv@reagan.com

Mt Sterling Gospel Hall, WI: Joseph Frazier, P.O. Box 724, Muscoda, WI 53573, Tel: 608-604-4334; E-mail: mtsterlinggh@gmail.com


Susan Marie Nesbitt of Sarnia, ON on June 5, 2018, age 59. Sue was saved on May 14, 1981 through the work of the late Paul Kember and Steve Kember. She was in fellowship in Chatham, ON before marrying Jack Nesbitt in 1995. Sue faithfully supported the assembly in Sarnia, and was a steadfast and tireless worker in the assemblies of St Lucia. She was selfless and gracious, and all who were privileged enough to meet her saw a true example of godliness. Sue was cherished by her 13 grandchildren, and her devotion and love to them has left a lasting mark. Sue is survived by her husband Jack, daughters Lisa (Andrew) and Rebecca (Joe), and sons John (Rebekah), David (Jennifer), and Daniel (Nicole). Jack Gould spoke at the funeral and tributes were given by her sons. Her family and the assemblies will greatly miss her.

Hazel Grazin of Sturgeon Lake, MN on September 15, 2018, age 97. Hazel was saved at age 52 on May 15, 1973 while Samuel Hamilton quoted John 3:16 in her kitchen. She and her husband Raymond, who predeceased her in 2012, were among the saints who gathered to His Name in Hinckley, MN in 1985 when the assembly began. She was steadfast to the assembly meetings until health prevented her from attending. Hazel will be lovingly remembered by her nieces, nephews, and the many dear friends who visited and cared for her through the years.

Marian A. Baker of Pennsauken, NJ on September 22, 2018, age 78.  She was born in Toronto, OH and converted under the preaching of Stephen Mick at age 21 before the family moved to San Diego. Over time, Marian had been sequentially in fellowship in the Toronto, OH; San Diego, CA; Clyde, OH; Longport, NJ and Pennsauken, NJ assemblies. For several years, she assisted in the kitchen/dining area of the Longport Home. In more recent years, failing physical health prevented her from attending the Pennsauken assembly meetings which had meant so much to her. Marian genuinely appreciated the reality of God’s salvation in her life. She loved to have Christians visit her, consistently expressing her appreciation for their effort to do so.

Frances Graham of Castlewellan, N. Ireland on September 25, 2018, age 93. Frances was saved on October 21, 1938 during meetings in the Wallace Avenue Gospel Hall, Lisburn with Robert Hawthorne preaching the gospel nightly. She trusted Christ as the congregation sang the closing hymn, “Come every soul by sin oppressed … Only trust Him now.” Her family moved to Castlewellan in 1955, and for over 63 years, Frances was a shining testimony to the grace of God to neighbors and townsfolk. She and her late mother contributed much to the work of the Lord by their entertaining of the Lord’s servants and support of the gospel. Many neighbors and friends from all over NI attended her large funeral at the hall and later went to the Drumnee Cemetery to hear the gospel plainly presented. The funeral service, as arranged by her, was conducted by her two nephews-in-law with the local brethren sharing.

Ron Moss of Happy Adventure, NL on October 2, 2018, age 78. Ron was born on September 8, 1940 to the late Melina (Aunt Sis) and “Uncle” Doug Moss. In the summer of 1976, when the gospel tent came to the Eastport Peninsula, Ron was saved under the preaching of Bryan Funston and Bert Joyce. Through John 3:36, Ron understood his need and trusted Christ as his Savior. In September 1977, he and 11 others were baptized, and in November of that year, a small assembly was planted on the Eastport peninsula. Ron was a faithful brother and attended all the meetings. In June 1984, he married Margaret Williams of New Harbour and they were a tremendous help to the work in Sandringham, Eastport. Ron will be sorely missed by his wife Margaret, and as well by the saints in Sandringham. A large crowd attended his funeral.

Doug Cole of Taylorside, SK on October 15, 2018, age 75. He was saved on April 5, 1961 during a fruitful series of gospel meetings conducted by John Norris when a good number received Christ as Lord and Savior. Following baptism, Doug was received into assembly fellowship in Taylorside. He developed crippling arthritis at age 33 which affected the remainder of his life. Prayer is requested for his wife Dora of 55 years, and their family. He will be missed but is finally free of the physical pain he endured much of his life on earth. The large funeral was taken by Murray Meyers.

Eleanor Studnicka of Blue River, WI on October 18, 2018, age 96. She trusted Christ as her Savior on July 23, 1933 and faithfully attended all the assembly meetings until she entered a care facility in 2011. She often grieved that she was not able to gather with the saints. Eleanor is survived by several nieces and nephews. Tim Draves and James Frazier shared the funeral service and Tom Novak spoke at the grave.

John Elliott of Pugwash Jct., NS on October 30, 2018, age 85. John was saved in October 1944 through John 1:12. He married Eva Ripley on November 11, 1961 and they were in fellowship at the Pugwash Jct. Gospel Hall. John was on the oversight and was faithful to his Lord, assembly, and family. Although a quiet man, John was always there to lend a helping hand. He is survived by wife Eva, daughter Valerie (Rene) Chapman, son Doug (Jennifer) Elliott, five grandchildren, and nine siblings, some of whom are not saved. The gospel was faithfully proclaimed at the funeral by David Hunt to a large audience. Due to inclement weather, the committal service was also held at the hall and taken by David Hierlihy, giving comforting words from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Later at the graveside, Brody Thibodeau spoke briefly and committed the family to God in prayer.