Editorial: Of Mantles, Cloaks and Other Things

In his touching final words in 2 Timothy 4, Paul requested Timothy to bring the cloak which he had left at Troas. The aged warrior was about to lay down his life. In an act reminiscent of Elijah’s mantle falling to Elisha, Paul’s cloak is mentioned in connection with Timothy. Mantles and cloaks must pass from one generation to another.

The mantle, not of Elijah, but of the editorship of Truth & Tidings is about to pass to a younger generation. This is my last issue as editor of T&T. Beginning next month, the leadership of the magazine will pass into the very capable hands of David Petterson. David is no stranger to the readers of the magazine; he has contributed extensively and profitably over the last number of years. His wide-ranging movements among the people of God on this continent, as well as his spiritual discernment and maturity, will enable him to provide a magazine that is relevant to the needs of believers and assemblies, and which is readable as well. I know he would value your prayerful remembrance of him as he undertakes this added responsibility to an already busy schedule.

I would like to take the space this last editorial affords me to thank a number of people who normally do not get mentioned in the magazine. Phil and Joanne Rockey have served the magazine in several ways. Phil has had the responsibility of layout and design, preparing everything for the printer – and always on time. That responsibility (and mantle) will now pass to Russ Coleman. Joanne and Maria Ramsay have done the tedious job of proofreading and correcting the errors I missed. Becky MacLeod has recently taken up the responsibility of helping in this regard. Paul and Tal Wielenga have faithfully undertaken the task of the monthly mailings, arranging their own lives and schedules around this. Don Draper and Christy Higgins have contributed the graphics which appear with each article in the magazine. Simon Brown and his wife, of Whitehouse, N. Ireland, have been very helpful in managing the UK subscriptions.

The wisdom, advice, and contributions of a very supportive Board have significantly lightened the load I have had to bear as editor. Along with their written contributions to the magazine, they have always been available and ready to offer guidance where needed.

You, the readership, have contributed by your emails and letters containing criticism, concerns, and commendation. While more of the latter would have been desirable, the Lord is aware of what is needed to balance and encourage.

Finally, there is a huge debt of appreciation I owe to my wife, Ruth, who has sacrificed hours of time which could have been spent with her each month as I have worked to produce the magazine – deadlines are very inflexible and very demanding.

I am acutely aware of how feeble my words of appreciation are. I am thankful, however, that the One Who sat over against the treasury in a past day (Mark 12:41), continues to take note and appreciate every “two mites” contributed for His glory. His appreciation will dwarf in magnitude and significance my very feeble expression.

Thank you and goodbye.