Assembly Hymn Writers: On The Cross

The 19th century saw the raising up of a large number of believers who have given us hymns of matchless worth, expressing the glories of Christ and the truth of the Word of God. We would like to encourage believers to submit hymns that they have written. It is understood that if they are used by individuals or assemblies, no changes will be made to them.


(Tune – To God Be The Glory)

How wondrous is Calvary a place dear to me
From there sweeps a beam o-er life’s history
Uplifted I see there a wonderful sight
A cross where Christ suffered to give the world light.

On the cross

On the cross

There the victory was won.

On the cross,

On the cross,

God gave His own Son.

Believe it! Believe it!

He died there for me,

For once I was blind

But praise God now I see.

How glorious the cross where that victory was won
God so loved the world that He gave His own Son
Tis finished He cried, spotless lamb on the tree
The light of the Gospel to you and to me!

The power of love on that cross He displayed,
God’s righteous demands with His blood have been paid
His love, light, and life like three beacons they shine.
Ah blessed assurance! – that Jesus is mine.