Fort McMurray: The assembly held its annual Sunday school Christmas program on December 12. There were a number of new children and adults present for the event. Steve Meyers (Marysville, WA) was here for the weekend and spoke in ministry as well as the gospel at the Christmas program. The ministry was encouraging and enjoyed by the Christians.

British Columbia

Vancouver: David Richards was expected for ministry in Deep Cove from January 10-13.

Newfoundland and Labrador

L’Anse au Loup: The conference in October went well with several preaching brethren present. Dave Patten stayed for two weeks of ministry between English Point and L’Anse au Loup immediately after the conference and had a night in Charlottetown. Bryan and Elizabeth Funston went on to Charlottetown for two nights ministry, and visited contacts in Old Fort Bay, QC. Gaius Goff visited Cornerbrook for a few meetings.

Recently, Eric Fowler and Lucas McKnight (Sussex, NB) were on the coast delivering calendars and literature door to door with help from local brethren. The communities on the Quebec North Shore are connected by road and some of the Labrador communities were covered. A good number attended the Sunday school program on December 26.

Gander Bay: Gaius Goff and Irving Payne concluded three weeks of well-attended gospel meetings on November 19. The saints were encouraged by the number of unsaved attending, with some showing a deep concern. At the annual Sunday school program on December 19, a number from the community were present, and most stayed for a light snack afterwards. Eric Fowler had a fitting word for the children after the program.

English Point: A large crowd attended the annual Sunday school program on December 19. Pray for gospel meetings planned to start at the end of January with Bryan Joyce and Scott MacLeod.

Gander: A. Hull and R. McIIwaine concluded a two week gospel series on November 21. There was a little interest with some contacts coming for the first time. Eric Fowler, visiting with a young brother from Sussex, gave ministry and a report on his visit to the Ukraine. There was also a baptism held on December 19.


Hamilton: Gospel meetings in November with Frank Sona and David Oliver were an encouragement to the assembly in its first series in its new location. Good numbers of unsaved attended with one professing salvation and others showing concern.

Huntsville: The building of a new hall is at the footing stage. They hope to start framing early in January. The present hall is sold, and the assembly is meeting at the Chartwell Retirement Home, 16 Legacy Lane, Huntsville, ON. Breaking of Bread 9:30am, Sunday school and gospel meeting 11am. The Tuesday evening Bible Reading is at 7pm in the home of the believers. Please pray for the assembly during this project. For further information, call David Traves, Tel: 705 789-8420, or E-mail: dhtraves@sympatico.ca.

Kitchener: In November, the assembly was encouraged with a series of ministry meetings with Frank Sona; he spoke on the book of Ruth. Two teenage boys were recently baptized and a third received into fellowship. Lord willing, Marvin Derksen purposes to have some practical “workshops” with a focus on presenting the gospel. In the fall, the assembly held a clothing drive and reached out to the community with a dinner and gospel message.

Mississauga: In November, James Smith was with the Applewood Heights assembly for a five night series on “The Garments of the High Priest.” The believers appreciated the excellent ministry which was instructive, typical, devotional, and heartwarming.

Sudbury: The assembly held their annual mini-conference the second weekend of December. The saints appreciated the excellent ministry given by Alex Dryburgh, Bruce Rodgers, and visiting brethren. On Lord’s Day, the Sunday school students and a number of parents were present for a good gospel message. They remained for a turkey dinner.


Glen Ewen: In the months of October and November, the assembly appreciated ministry from Gary Sharp and David Booth on commitment to Christ, and from Larry Steers on the seven feasts of Jehovah.

Taylorside: The saints appreciated a week of profitable ministry from Peter Ramsay.



Alpena: The assembly enjoyed visits by Joel Portman and Jerry Jennings in December. Brother Portman gave helpful ministry during a week’s stay in the early part of the month. Brother Jennings visited on two different occasions, and helped with three days of gospel meetings during an outreach in Alpena. Over 200 calendars and invitations were distributed in the community. There was joy in seeing a number respond to the invitations.


Manchester: Al Christopherson and Eric McCullough are engaged in the gospel and will value prayer at this time.

Stout: During December, the assembly had Gordon Williams for two nights and Dan Shutt for three, giving appreciated ministry. In the later part of January 2011, a children’s effort is being planned, DV.


Worcester: The assembly appreciated a visit in December from Howard Barnes for ministry. The saints were encouraged by a visit from Ernie Moore (Chile) for two nights of ministry in late December.


Saginaw: The assembly enjoyed a visit from Dan Shutt on November 28. One soul professed faith in Christ following the gospel meeting. Jim Smith and Bill Metcalf gave sound and encouraging ministry and excellent gospel messages at the bi-monthly meeting December 5. The saints deeply appreciate the support of the surrounding assemblies for these meetings.

New York

New York: The saints held their monthly gospel outreach and were privileged to have Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park), Don Draper (Pennsauken), and Jack Coleman (Hatboro) come during the months of October, November, and December, respectively, to preach the gospel to ESL students. On December 1, 2010, the assembly was visited by Tom and Nelly Baker. Our brother gave an encouraging report of the ongoing work in California and among Spanish speaking assemblies across the country. Two sisters were baptized shortly after, expressing a desire to declare their obedience to His Word. The assembly had special meetings with Joseph Chung from December 25-31 on the topic of “Family and Raising Children According to the Scriptures.”


Bryn Mawr/Hatboro: The second joint conference was held in November. God graciously helped in ministry by Tom Baker, John Grant, Sandy Higgins, Murray McCandless, Dan Shutt, and Andrew Ussher. The focus at the Saturday sessions on assembly truth was not only needful for the younger generation, but beneficial for all as a reminder of divine principles that remain unchanged. The sessions were well attended, including a good number of younger folk. Brethren Grant, Baker, and Shutt, had opportunity for appreciated visits to assemblies in the area both before and after the conference.


Cancun: Following up on a contact made in Puerto Vallarta, David Alves Jr., Daniel Ortega (Mexico City), Moses Roseyon, Phelip Teberge (Edmonton), and others, delivered 3,000 VIAmagazines in Mexico’s most prominent tourist resort. There is a 30 kilometer stretch here of hotels and night clubs along beautiful beaches but, sadly, this place is also known as the suicide capital of Mexico. The gospel was preached several times in a home. One man, a chef at one of the large hotels, professed to be saved and is very anxious to see his wife and family saved. Pray for this new work.

El Barril: Jason Wahls has begun gospel meetings here in a rented building. Paul Thiessen is helping for the first two weeks. There were 34 people who attended the first meeting. Please pray for this new work.

Hermosillo: The assembly here has been encouraged by the arrival of Marcus and Alison Cain and their family. The assembly in Tepic, where they lived and worked for a number of years, keenly feels their loss, but their help and presence here has been greatly appreciated by the saints. Elia, a sister in the assembly, has been diagnosed with a serious heart/lung condition with little hope of a cure. Her husband is opposed to the gospel, and they have two young daughters. Your prayers for each in the family would be greatly valued.

Puerto Vallarta: The 18th annual conference was a real blessing to all who attended. David Alves Jr., Sergio Arrez (Tepic), James Dyck, Freddy Haller (Tepic), Shad Kember, R. O’Neill (Ballymena, NI), Randy Polley, Paul Thiessen, and Jason Wahls took part. Three believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. After the conference, the assembly rejoiced in hearing John Clingen’s report of the Lord’s work in Nicaragua. Please pray for gospel meetings in the hall starting on January 9. The saints are looking forward to having Duncan Beckett’s help in this series.

San Luis Rio Colorado: This is a city in northern Mexico, south of Yuma, Arizona. At the end of December, 38,000 texts were delivered here. John Dennison is preaching in a rented building. There are contacts here from Hermosillo and Tepic. Please pray for this new work.

Veracruz: David Oliver was with the saints here for two weeks in December and gave appreciated help to the assembly there as well as in Cotaxtla. At the end of December 16,000 texts were delivered. John Nesbitt is preaching in the hall, helped by David Alves Jr. for the first week. Some new contacts have been made.

Zacatecas: Robert O’Neill visited here with his family in December and was a real help in things spiritual and temporal.

Republic of Ireland

Dublin: Robin McKeown conducted a short series of gospel meetings in the Rathmines gospel hall during December. The assembly was encouraged when two believers’ children professed salvation. In spite of very difficult weather conditions a number of people attended for the first time, including several Muslims. During 2010, six people were added to the assembly fellowship.

Longford: In November, Leslie Craig had two weeks of gospel meetings using his chart on future events. While there was no visible blessing, some local people attended and the son of one of the believers has since been saved. The annual Scripture calendar distribution continues; 2500 homes have been visited to date.

Mullingar: During December, John Rogers spent a week preaching the gospel in the home of one of the believers here. There were ten local people who attended that would not normally attend gospel meetings.


Matoaca, VA

March 5-6, in the Matoaca Elementary School (2 blocks past the Gospel Hall) with Prayer Meeting on Friday, March 4, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Road, Matoaca. First meeting on Saturday at 10:30am. Contact John Nobles at 804 265-5455, or jnobles6@aol.com.

Mount Sterling, WI

March 26-27, Bible Reading Conference. Prayer Meeting, Friday at 7:30pm at the Gospel Hall. All other meetings will be at the North Crawford High School north of Gays Mills. First meeting on Saturday 10am, Breaking of Bread on Lord’s Day 9:30am. Bible Readings are on Romans 9-12. For accommodations please contact Richard M. Dudgeon, Tel: 608 734-3639, E-mail: rmdudgeon@juno.com; or Wayne Granzow, Tel: 608 874-4760, E-mail:wcgranzow@centurytel.net. Outlines of the readings and order of meetings will be sent on request.

Toronto, ON

April 22-24 in the Premier Ballroom and Convention Centre, 9019 Leslie St., Richmond Hill. Meetings on Friday and Saturday at 10am, 1:30, 3:45, 7:00 and 8:45pm. Meetings on Lord’s Day at 1:30, 3:45 and 7pm. Prayer meeting on Thursday, April 21 at 7:30pm in Langstaff Gospel Hall, 1300 Langstaff Road. Corr: Ian Margerison, 47 Manor Ridge Trail, Mount Albert, ON, L0G 1M0, Tel: 905 473-5400; E-mail: ijmargerison@gmail.com, and Randy Marisette, 30 Fieldview Cres., Markham, ON, L3R 3H7; Tel: 905 475-7919; E-mail marisettes@hotmail.com. Invited speakers: P. Coulson, J. Dennison, D. Gilliland, A. Hull, L. Parks and J. Procopio.

Conference Reminders:

DeLand, FL – February 4-6


Arlington, WA – (Youth) – February 19-20

Jackson, MI – February 18-20

San Diego, CA – February 19-20

Newbury, ON – April 30

Change of Address

Ernest and Ellen Green: New E-mail address is e.green@securenet.net.

Steve and Merle Kember: New E-mail address is smkember@sasktel.net.

Change of Correspondent

Cambridge, MA (Cambridge Gospel Hall): Philip Webb, 8 Parker Street, Woburn , MA 01801. Tel 781 935-6372.

Cedar Falls, IA: Mike Palmer, 18502 X Ave., Dike, IA 50624. Tel 319 989-0869, E-mail: mjpalmer89@gmail.com.

Goodwood, ON (Goodwood Gospel Hall): Bob Diebel, 36 Bell Street, Uxbridge OntarioL9P 1K9. Tel 905 852-5241; E-mail: rdiebel@sympatico.ca.

Change in Meeting Times

St. John’s, NL: The Remembrance meeting is now 9:30am.


Grace Millicent Day of Unionville, ON, on October 21, 2010 at Bethany Lodge, age 93. In her own words: “I was saved on August 11th (Monday), in 1930. I was baptized in the Midland Gospel Hall, Sunday, 1935. I was saved at home, at noon, in Waubaushene, when singing ‘Say poor sinner take salvation, Jesus died to set you right.’ I was troubled about my sins and specially the soon return of the Lord, and when singing this hymn, Christ was revealed. Right then I said ‘Come into my heart Lord Jesus’ and ‘I’ll be saved, yes saved tonite’ How wonderful is my Saviour! Praise His Name!” Grace was in the Waubaushene, ON, assembly from 1935 to 1942; in the Brock Avenue Gospel Hall assembly from 1942 to 1944; and in the Lansing assembly in Willowdale from 1945 until she came to Bethany in 2007.She was in the Unionville assembly until her health kept her from coming out to the meetings. Her wit was seen in what she called her favourite hymn, “Amazing Grace.” Grace was truly amazing! She was faithful in her outreach to unbelievers, and never afraid to speak of her Lord.

Tom Matthews of Penetanguishene, ON, on October 25, 2010, age 88. Born in Shrigley Co. Down, N. Ireland, he was saved after hearing the gospel in the open air at 21 years of age. Soon afterwards he found his way into the Broomhedge assembly. He moved to Canada in ‘48 and married Jean Gilliland. Tom was a valued employee at Bethany Lodge doing maintenance work and taxiing residents to their various appointments. During this time he lost his wife Jean and married Sylvia Grexton in ‘91, then moved to Penetang. He was in fellowship in the Waubaushene assembly and took a prayerful and practical interest in missionary work. The funeral was shared by Gary Sharp and Andy Fletcher.

Grace Brandt of Cedar Falls, IA, (formerly of the Stout assembly),on December 17, 2010, age 93. She was saved November 16, 1939 while reading 1 Peter 2:24, “Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree.” She understood for the first time in her life that the Lord Jesus Christ had died for her, and therefore she had peace with God. She leaves two children, along with three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Her son Darrel Brandt and Russ Nesbit shared the funeral service, with Robert Orr speaking at the grave.

Donald Edward Kregel of Garnavillo, IA, on November 21, 2010, age 85. Donald trusted Christ as his personal Savior on June 7, 1945 while reading John 1:11-12. On November 15, 1947 Donald married Elizabeth “Betty” Lawson of Chicago, IL and they were blessed with four children. Don was respected by all in the community for his successful farming business. He also served as a director of the Garnavillo Savings Bank for many years, and was one of the founders of Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust, USA. He gave himself to the care of the assembly as an elder for many years, and was very supportive, entertaining many of the Lord’s servants and the Lord’s people. Donald is survived by his wife Betty of 63 years, two sons, Steve and John, and two daughters, Carolyn and Patricia. A large funeral service was conducted by Bill Seale, David Alves, and Dan Shutt. The gospel was clearly preached to many from the community.

Anita Hitchner of Albuquerque, NM, on November 25, 2010, age 84. Anita was saved at the age of 12 through the truth of Galatians 2:20, “The Son of God, Who loved me, and gave Himself for me.” She had been in assembly fellowship in Albuquerque since the age of 14. Anita faithfully supported the assembly and she particularly cherished the Remembrance Meeting of her Lord and Savior. She and her husband Donald opened their home to many people over the years, both local and out-of-town visitors. Anita was known for her wonderful hospitality and care for others, a service she performed as unto the Lord. She was a great listener, taking time to hear what was going on in others’ lives, and she was a real prayer warrior for many. Anita is survived by her devoted, loving husband of nearly 63 years, Donald, her 5 daughters, sons-in-law, 12 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.Her funeral was taken by Bill Lavery who faithfully preached the gospel to the many in attendance. Duane Pickett spoke on “eternity” at the graveside service. Anita will be greatly missed by all.”The memory of the just is blessed” (Prov 10:7).

Peter Gagnon of Kamloops, BC, on December 2, 2010, age 68. Peter was the first one in his family to be saved. He was reading the book by Hal Lindsay, The Late Great Planet Earth, when he was saved in 1977. John 10:27-28 was a great help to Peter all through his Christian life, especially the last two years with failing health. After having been baptized, Peter appreciated the fellowship of the assembly gathered to the Lord’s Name. This last summer of his life, Peter had John 3:16 translated into the Shuswap native language to be used at a Native Elders Conference outreach nearby Kamloops. Peter is greatly missed by the assembly, and is survived by his dear wife Darlene, daughters Lisa Anne (husband Ian) and Tanya, and grandchildren, Noah and Rebecca. Prayer is requested for Darlene and the family and Peter’s siblings and other family members needing salvation. The memorial service was taken by local brethren.

Anna Lou Slabaugh of Marion, IA, on December 13, 2010, age 81, two weeks after the home call of her beloved husband of 60 years, John Mark Slabaugh. She was a true help meet to John Mark who served in the gospel. Our sister was born in Akron, OH and as a teenager was invited to the Sunday school. God saved her by His grace, and she was baptized and received into the fellowship of the Akron assembly where she continued for 60 years. Her life was marked by grace and kindness and she had the joy of seeing her five children saved and also a number of the grandchildren. In 2005 she moved with John Mark to Marion where they enjoyed assembly fellowship. When our sister became ill she received loving Christian care in Linn Manor Care. There was a viewing in Marion, followed by the funeral in Akron. William Lavery and Stuart Thompson presented a clear gospel and spoke words of comfort. Her son David, son-in-law Ivan Hoath, grandson Matthew Slabaugh, and Kenneth Webb also participated in the service. We laid to rest our beloved sister “until the day break, and the shadows flee away.”

Emma Elizabeth Langfeld of Unionville, ON, on December 22, 2010, at Bethany Lodge, age of 84. Emma was saved in her early teenage years through the words of 1 Peter 3:18. Two hymns sung at her funeral expressed Emma’s heart: “Lord Jesus I love Thee, I know Thou art mine” and “I am Thine, O Lord! I have heard Thy voice, and it told Thy love to me.” Emma was in several assemblies in the Toronto area before coming to Bethany Lodge and the Unionville assembly in 2005. She was a true servant of the church.

Ione Harms of Muscoda, WI, on December 24, 2010, age 89, after many years of poor health.She was saved July 16, 1936. Her health prevented her from attending the meetings of the Blue River assembly for the last number of years, but she prayed for saints and sinners. Her funeral was taken by Isaiah Frazier, and James Frazier took the graveside service. She leaves to mourn her passing a sister Irene Harms, her sister-in-law Kathleen Harms, and nieces and nephews.

Helen Yost Duncan of Lancaster, WI, on January 2, age 91. She was saved September 6, 1937 at the LaCrosse, WI conference while reading John 6:47. She was a happy Christian and spoke to many about their soul. She was characterized by a generous spirit and was given to hospitality, entertaining many believers. She and her husband were in fellowship in the Beetown, WI assembly for many years. She is survived by her husband Darrel of the Beetown assembly and five step-grandchildren. Helen was the daughter of the evangelist Chauncey Yost. Many came to pay their respects at the funeral service conducted by Alan Christopherson and Eric McCullough.