Memorial: John Slabaugh

It could be said of John Mark Slabaugh, “He was a good man” (Acts 11:24).

He served God acceptably and with godly fear – a righteous, trustworthy servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John Mark loved the gospel of the grace of God and had a care and love for souls. On many occasions John Mark and I labored together in gospel series. He was a gentleman, he loved the Scriptures, and was sacrificial in his service for others. He was tenacious in his visiting and acquired a good ability to read the needs of unsaved souls with whom we were working. It was always a joy to rejoice together in witnessing the power and grace of our God in salvation.

Many saints from east to west in the United States join to thank God for the love and labor of brother Slabaugh in the gospel and ministry.

His voice of experience and pithy short messages will be missed at conferences and Bible readings. It was a great privilege to have him as my friend and fellow worker.

His children will greatly miss a beloved husband and father. They need our prayers for the days before them. We rejoice to anticipate the moment when we shall hear the voice of our Redeemer in the air. Together with those who sleep in Jesus we shall be transported into the blaze of the presence of our glorious Lord and faithful loving Father. On many occasions John spoke on this verse: “Occupy ‘till I come.”