Tributes to David Adams (2)

Our dear brother, David Adams, while still in the Pape Avenue Assembly in 1967, was very helpful in the planting of the assembly in Unionville. He took a Gospel series in the Unionville Arena in May of that year and also participated with tract distribution and invitations.

Later, as the assembly was formed, he helped with ministry and the preaching of the gospel in the local public school where we met until the Hall was ready for occupation in the fall of 1969.

David gave a few ministry series in the Hall in those early days and did a great deal of visiting in Bethany Lodge.

Despite his willingness to help, his heart was still with the saints in Cuba. He used every opportunity he could to visit Cuba, helping with spiritual guidance and supporting temporal needs. He also spent a good deal of his time in North Carolina and visited assemblies in Canada and the US.

As his health began to fail he stayed closer to home and eventually that was all that he could manage. He would attend the breaking of bread on the Lord’s Day, often walking from his home to the Hall. He always had a cheery greeting for everyone even though it was obvious that his health was failing and that he was suffering considerable pain. Eventually he could no longer leave the house.

His days of labor are now ended and he is at Home with the Lord.