Testimony Techniques: Making Contacts

Besides the personal contacts which very few of us seem to excel at, we have had the most response from setting up a booth at local fairs, home shows, etc., where we give texts, magnets, and other gifts, with a particular focus on things for kids. Some of the best received items are small texts made of “foamies.” These are brightly colored shapes of craft foam that are glued onto foam frames. We then get some of these kids to Sunday school and children’s meeting where we have special events such as pizza suppers and programs where the parents come.

In our day, the average children’s message is about where most parents are with their understanding (mainly lack thereof) of Scripture. Our last children’s effort in April had over 20 parents in, some of them a number of times; we then seek to maintain those contacts with visits.

About a year ago we added a Seed Sower website where anyone anywhere can request some texts online. We send some to Asia, Africa, and elsewhere.