Through the Sea

Exodus 12 – 14 were a life revolutionizing experience for the people of Israel. They were delivered from wearying burdens and an insidious master. He was a usurper of the throne of their world, determined to extract from them the best and most of their lives and families and finally destroy them (Ex 1:8. 22). What a world to leave behind them as they are brought into the wondrous liberty of having the Living God as their Savior, Sustainer, and Counselor! Doubts, fears, and the fearsome enemy pursuing them seemed to shake their restfulness in the promise linked with the blood of the lamb. Moses gave them a word of assurance; “Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will shew to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever” (Ex 14:13).

Our salvation is also a life-changing experience. We look back to salvation’s day with joy, recalling the way of God’s gracious leading to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been delivered “from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of His dear Son: in whom we have redemption through His blood” (Col 1:13). That moment we commenced a new history with God: Christ the Lord as our proprietor, shepherd, and friend. Now our life will be totally motivated and directed, not by the old usurper, but by the Lord of Glory.The passage of Israel through the Red Sea at that time would be a story to recount to children and grandchildren (Josh 4:21-24). As they looked back to the Red Sea all they saw was the evidence of God’s power over the agents of their slavery. All the years of building towns, temples, and taverns for Egypt are past history. Saved from Egypt forever! (Exodus 14:24-31). A whole new horizon of possibilities and usefulness for life is about to open before them. The God that saved them will protect them and lead them by the pillar of cloud. He will be with them supplying daily for their needs of bread, water, and clothing. Also He will entrust to them a plan for their journey, and a design to build a tabernacle where He may dwell among them. There was only one requirement: trust God and His Word and do the work. The result of this was a singing, generous, worshiping and united people as a testimony to God (Exod 15, 35, 36). This, beloved saints, is the design of God for our lives as redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. This order is seen exemplified in Acts 2 at the birth of the church.Israel could never return to slavery in Egypt, even as believers in Christ can never again be in the bondage of sin in its condemnation (Rom 6:1-4). Sad to say, Israel allowed remembrance of some things they had in Egypt to govern their choices. Natural appetites sought priority over divine provision.

There were three areas of temptation. In Exodus 32 Israel fashioned a golden calf after the Egyptian order of worship. This sin divided God’s people, produced unseemly behavior, and grieved the God who saved them. Adopting substitutes to replace the presence of God our Lord and Savior is a disaster. There are circumstances for which we must wait upon our God for His word and not be determined to copy “church creeds” which were in our religious background. Religious superstitions and teachings must not be applied in God’s assembly as they divide the saints and grieve the Holy Spirit. We are not who and what we used to be; we are Christians and are to walk and behave as such. Trust the Holy Spirit Who is the author of the Scriptures to make clear His mind. Time spent waiting before God is never lost. His presence judges carnal assertions, so unbecoming for Christians.