From every Kindred, Tongue, People, and Nation: China

My name is Chong Han. I came to Newfoundland, Canada, from the Northeast of Mainland China in August of 1997, and was saved by the grace of God eight months after arriving in Canada. I was born into a common family in China. As a child, I was told in the school I attended that there was no God. I felt, however, that there must be a special power or someone controlling the whole universe, as well as every individual. When I boasted of myself, my grandmother, a nice and humble lady, always told me, “Do not boast about yourself; God will be unhappy with you.”

I was brought up in such a peaceful and loving family environment that I never realized the imperfection of this world. I entered an engineering school and graduated from the power-engineering program and got a very good job in the Power Company. In many people’s eyes, I was a very lucky young man. However, I did not understand why the world was filled with envy, hatred, murder, and gossip. One day when I was in my bed, a very clear idea came into my mind: “Go out of this place and change to a new environment.” I began to prepare for the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL). Any student who wants to come to Canada or the United States of America has to pass this test conducted by the Princeton Test Center. This is a hard exam. Normally, a special training program is attended before taking the exam. Since the Power Company employed me, all I could do was to buy some textbooks and English tapes to prepare for it on my own. When other people learned of my idea they believed it was impossible. I was supposed to be convinced and to give up, but I didn’t. After I was saved, I realized that the Lord was behind this persistent attitude. I continued the preparation and finally passed the TOEFL on the first attempt! In order to be accepted by an educational institute in a Canadian university, I not only needed to pass TOEFL, but also needed acceptance by a researcher (professor) in a specific university. Since I did not know any professor in Canada, I had to apply “in the dark!” I found a small book introducing Canadian universities to newcomers and picked one university at random – The Memorial University of Newfoundland. While I waited, the world became a very miserable place for me, and I realized in the darkness of my life that I was “weak!” I began thinking about human nature. Why the gossip? Why the hatred instead of love? At this critical time, I received a letter of acceptance from the Memorial University of Newfoundland! I was also told that I would receive a scholarship.

I got everything ready for the trip to Canada, and when I arrived at the St. John’s airport in Newfoundland, my research supervisor was there to meet me. I discovered later that he was a Christian. “There is no coincidence in a Christian’s life. Just a series of miracles arranged by the Lord! His plan is so patiently and precisely ordered, beyond our understanding.” My supervisor invited me to his home for dinner. This was the first time I had heard a Christian pray and I was afraid! In the movies I had seen, almost all the people related to God were described as evil people. They were the spies sent by the western government wanting to destroy my homeland. I was worried, because I did not know how to deal with such a supervisor! Later, I got to know more and more Christians and found them to be friendly, helpful; they were people who enjoyed life. In my curiosity to discover why they were so happy, I started to read the Bible, and found that what I sensed about God from the movies was wrong.

One day I received a call from a Christian neighbor. He asked if I would like to attend a gospel meeting. I found an excuse to send my friend on his way, but then reconsidered and called him to say I would be glad to attend. The meeting I attended introduced me to many new words such as “eternity,” “everlasting,” “sin,” and “Savior.” I was exhausted and decided not to attend again. However, when asked again by my friend to come with him, I accepted the invitation. At the meeting, I was amazed that my listening comprehension could have improved so quickly in three days! I believe the Lord gave me the wisdom to understand His words in English. I began to realize that I was a sinner. Sin had affected my intellect, my emotions, and my will. I was completely unable to deliver myself. God’s diagnosis of my condition was getting through to me. God had provided a Savior, no one less than His Only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator, to die for me. One day, when I was walking on the street to the university, I looked around the world; I saw the trees, the grass, the flowers, and the birds, all the creation of the universe. At that moment, His creation turned me to the Creator! “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.” I was saved before I finished reading the four gospels in the Bible! I look back on my past life and can find His amazing care, love, and grace everywhere, but I did not know Him until that moment! “I am so glad that our Father in heaven tells of His love in the Book He has given. Wonderful things in the Bible I see. This is the dearest that Jesus loves me.”