Poetry: Reflections

History has lessons for us to learn.
If we have eyes to see,
What others suffered for Christs dear Name,
Who died to set them free.

From days of yore the saints did live
To honor Christs lovely Name,
Sometimes the cost was life itself,
But their deaths were not in vain.

Martyrs! Have a special place in our hearts,
Brave souls, as they faced the foe,
Their blood stained many a hill and vale,
They are special to God, we know.

Tears will fall, as we reflect on the past,
And think of the list of names,
Of the men and women who gave their lives
But in death had eternal gain.

Those were days when wicked men did scheme,
Tortures! Unknown in the past,
But this martyred band of godly ones,
Witnessed for Christ to the last.

In death they prayed for their enemies
As they heaped with hellish glee,
Insults! Against these chosen of God,
But they stood for their Lord faithfully.

What is the lesson from this martyred band?
Who sealed the truth with their blood?
Recorded! That we may never forget,
That they died to preserve us Gods Word.

We know not what tomorrow will bring,
Swift changes could take place,
Are we prepared for dark days that could come?
And join the band of the brave?

We may not be asked to lay down our lives,
As these noble warriors of old,
But we can learn from their faithful hearts,
To stand bravely to face the foe.