Heroes of the Faith

America could have been settled by many other nations devoid of Biblical Truth and been engulfed in the bondage of religious darkness, but our God in His all-wise and Sovereign ways used King Charles Stuart (this wicked king who had given the edict to kill the Christians) to allow (or banish) a band of outcasts from their coast. Amazing grace! On the Mayflower this fleeing band set sail for a new land, a new country, a new beginning. They landed on Americas shores! Other ships were ready to sail, but were not allowed! What a marvel! We rightly call them the Pilgrim Fathers. They endured untold privations, tempests, trials, and foul weather with weakened bodies and sick children. I have no doubt this voyage is written in heaven. They were brave, courageous, true soldiers of the cross. These banished men and women, with their little ones, were an earnest of a great harvest that would expand across this great continent of North America bringing gospel light and privileges to this great country. Among them were some of the finest expositors of Scripture of Puritan origin. Surely the wrath of man shall praise Thee; and the remainder of wrath shalt Thou restrain (Ps 76:10). Praise God! Beloved saints, we ought to pay tribute to this little God-preserved and God-blessed band, or have we forgotten? We owe them a debt that we can never repay! We are convinced this story is miraculous!

The call of an Abraham set in motion the wheels of the intriguing history of the nation of Israel! The little apostolic band of itinerant and ignorant fishermen set in motion the evangelizing of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth! The faithful band of Martyrs in the 15th century set in motion the re-establishing of gospel truth in Europe, England, Scotland, and Ireland! The Pilgrim Fathers set in motion the establishing of the great Biblical bulwarks of Christianity in America! In the 16th century a few firebrands from the Church of England set in motion the great revival under Whitefield and Wesley that also spread to America with Edwards, Tennant, and a host of others! What a story! What fascinating history! This was a marvelous intervention of the matchless grace of God. In the 19th century there emerged from the evangelical blessing that swept many parts of the world a band of believers who obeyed not only the gospel truth, but also embraced biblical doctrine as to Christian practice. Many paid a great price, losing their inheritances, possessions, and friends, to bear reproach for the rejected Christ (Heb 13:13). Many of nobility became humble followers of the lowly Man of Sorrows. They left the bondage of sectarianism and formalism and experienced true Christian freedom (Gal 5:1). They lost earthly possessions but were rich with eternal wealth! This set in motion back to the Bible principles! Back to the apostles doctrine! Blessed revival! The revival of the truth of the Rapture of the Church became precious (1 Thess. 4: 13-18). We who are gathered unto the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ have been given this rich heritage! We reword the expression of another, Do not ask what the assembly can do for me. But what can I do for the assembly? Are we grateful for our heritage? Or, have we meshed into the world and its modern ways? Are we selling what was paid for in blood? Let us learn from this up-date from history, and remember! Buy the truth and sell it not needs to be revived again!

This is a capsule overview of Gods marvelous ways. History should have a loud echo in our hearts! Let us put our shoulder to the wheel of testimony, working together, striving together, fellow-helpers to the truth! Loving one another, caring for one another! Let us wear the badge of our Christianity not in word only but in deed. We need each other! Do we plan our lives, our vacation, work, education, and family life around the big ME, MY and MINE instead of God, Christ, and the assembly. Revive me! Revive us! Revive Thy work! We are advanced technologically! Advanced techniques evangelistically! Advanced educationally! Advanced materially! Advanced intellectually! But are we advanced spiritually? Let us learn from history lest we forget! The God of the martyrs is our God forever and ever.