Great Gospel Texts – Mark 8:36

His fingers moved clumsily over the calculator as he slowly entered each piece of data. Finally, he pushed the total button and shook his head in wonder. Could this be true? Is it possible that he had made a mistake? Painstakingly, he began the process all over again careful to make sure that all of his figures were correct. The results were the same! He sat back in his chair and shook his head in amazementhe had finally made it. After all those years of blood, sweat, and tears his efforts had paid off, no one could deny or dispute the fact that he was rich!

Now he was faced with another dilemma. What was he going to do for storage? In the past, his barns had been big enough to store all of his harvest but this year he was simply out of room. Possibly he could rent some space from his neighbor, but that seemed ridiculous for one now so rich. Then it came to him; it clearly was the only thing to do. He would tear down those old barns and build new ones. Not just new, but the biggest and the best that money could buy. After all, he had to start thinking like a wealthy man.

His mind wandered back to those lean years when he had worked so hard only to have a crop that was diseased or sickly. Or the number of harvests that yielded little fruit because the rains never came. Yes, his efforts were finally going to be rewarded and he planned to enjoy it to the fullest.

He leaned back in his chair, propped his feet up on the desk, and a sense of total security enveloped him. He could only think of one thingit was time to relax and enjoy his success. The years that lay ahead were going to be filled with much joy and happiness. Ill take it easy, he said to himself, and enjoy life for a change. Ill eat, drink, and be merry doing whatever my heart desires. Yes, he had finally arrived!

How could he possibly have known as sleep finally overcame him that he would never awaken in the morning to enjoy his new-found wealth? Whose cruel idea of a joke would allow one to finally reach the pinnacle of success only to have life ripped from his grasp? What words should be written about a man who labored his whole life in an attempt to be successful only to have it all taken away at the last minute?

The Word of God has an apt description for the man in this story. He is called a fool. In Luke 12, the Lord Jesus clearly makes His point of mans need to place the proper value on the important things in life, ones eternal soul and its salvation. Success is not determined by the amount of wealth or possessions in this life but rather by ones preparation for the next life.

In Mark 8:36 the point in this story is given in very plain language. If one individual were somehow able to gain all the wealth of this world yet died, unprepared for eternity, only one word is needed to describe this person: loser. Wealth and possessions do not even grant satisfaction on earth, let alone prepare one for life beyond the grave.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? This question should cause each of us to evaluate our life and ask ourselves this question Have I spent all my time and energy preparing for the wrong world?

If you are reading this article, then its not too late. Dont be like the fool in Luke 12 who placed the wrong value on his soul. He will eternally pay for his error in judgement a soul that will be lost forever.