Book Review: Government in the Churches by Steve Moran

Numerous books have been penned which give excellent instruction in assembly teaching. Gathering to His Name, by our esteemed brother, Mr. Norman Crawford, has filed a need which a current generation has welcomed warmly. Why then another book on assembly teaching?

A moments reflection will show that the issues of the ground and government of a local company of believers are the critical matters which define such a company. How does a church gather? What is its authority? Is there to be a pastor? A paid clergy who oversees the functioning of the church? Is there a single pastor who consults with his group of elders? Are such a thing as elders scriptural today?

These questions are more than academic or designed to while away the long hours of a winters night in discussion by brethren who love to debate. They are crucial for the understanding of a New Testament assembly.

In this brief book, our brother Steve Moran, has addressed these and other issues. Somewhat in the manner of Paul in his writing of Romans, Steve has anticipated the questions, charges, and countercharges of those who are wedded to the clergy system. In a gracious, thorough, and Scriptural manner, he has sought to answer all of these questions and challenges. Tradition, opinion, and conjecture have been jettisoned in favor of clear and lucid Scriptural exposition.

If this book is read by those who already have espoused its thesis, then your confidence will be bolstered. It will serve as well as an excellent volume to place into the hands of those with questions about the assembly.

If this book should be read by those who have never needed to examine the Scriptural basis of government in the House of God, then we ask that, with an open Bible before you, with patience, and with prayer, you consider what has been written. You will profit tremendously from this.

This book is available through the local Christian book sellers.