British Columbia

Vancouver: Woodland Drive assembly hosted a week of helpful Bible Readings with David Oliver on 1 Timothy in December with the saints from neighbouring assemblies also profiting. Andrew Bergsma paid a short visit to the West Coast, spending time with the saints at Clearbrook, Fleetwood, West Richmond and Victoria Drive. Our brother also visited Kamloops and Westbank. The tragic death of a 17 year-old girl from the community gave opportunity to speak in the gospel to a large gathering at a memorial service in Victoria Drive Gospel Hall on January 8. The family has been associated with the Sunday School for 22 years. The monthly missionary meeting on January 8 was held in Carleton with David Richards giving an account of his labours in Russia, followed by a week of ministry on Romans 6-8.


Paradise Valley: Seven nights of gospel meetings by James Ronald, Jr. during December were an encouragement to the saints with one profession of salvation.


Taylorside: One week of children’s meetings was held in December in a small town close to the assembly here. Good numbers attended.


Portage la Prairie: The 70th annual New Year’s Day conference was held in Portage on January 1. The hall was full with a number of saints present from surrounding assemblies. Appreciated ministry was given by James Ronald Sr., Robert Boyle, Andrew Bergsma, Jack Gould, Jim Webb, James Hanna as well as local brethren. We thank the Lord that today there are in the Portage assembly 30 descendants of those who were in fellowship in Portage in 1910 – some of them fourth generation.


Bolton: The conference on November 6 was a time of blessing for all, with a good number attending.

Brampton: Bernie Foreshew and Marvin Derksen finished two weeks of Gospel meetings in early December. We look to the Lord to still bless His word.

Guelph: The assembly convened gospel meetings during the month of November with Jim Jarvis and Frank Sona. Blessing was seen in the salvation of a number of precious souls.

Kapuskasing: Murray Pratt was with us for the Sunday School treat on November 4 and spent Lord’s day Nov 5th with us, giving ministry and helping with the gospel. The believers enjoyed a one day conference, January 2, 2000, with the local brethren ministering to the assembly.

Kirkland Lake: Murray Pratt and Max McLean had encouraging gospel meetings during November with blessing in salvation.

Midland: The assembly enjoyed five nights of ministry on the House of God by Timothy Walker.

North Bay: There was blessing in salvation and help for the saints during two weeks of gospel meetings with Peter Simms in early November when he spoke from his chart “The Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God.” Lorne Langfeld followed with a week of children’s meetings with God’s help evident. The Lord’s people enjoyed the visit of Stuart Thompson for the Lord’s Day and monthly ministry meeting on November28, and also Alex Dryburgh’s ministry on the book of Ruth in early December for a Lord’s Day and three nights. They also had the joy of witnessing a brother obey the Lord in baptism.

Oshawa: The assembly was encouraged with a profitable one-day conference. The hall was full and eight of the Lord’s servants were present to minister the Word. Following the conference, brother Bruce Rodgers had a week of ministry meetings with the assembly.

Ottawa: Alex Dryburgh was with the assembly for two Lord’s Days and a week of ministry on the book of Ruth.

Sundridge: The assembly meeting in the Chapman Valley Gospel Hall appreciated five nights of ministry on the tabernacle by Timothy Walker.


St. Donat: One woman has professed salvation and some souls are showing concern as a result of house meetings commenced on October29 and continuing two nights a week.

New Brunswick

Tracadie: Leslie Wells and Gerard Roy were with the assembly for the monthly all-day meeting on December 12. Several believers were also present from other French assemblies. Two young sisters were baptized that afternoon giving us all much joy in the Lord.



Anchorage: A young girl was baptized here recently, and a young Honduran man received into the fellowship. A cottage meeting is anticipated this winter in the home of a young couple who are in fellowship and live in Talkeetna, 21 / 2 hours away There is an exercise for some unsaved relatives.


Arlington: Our Winter Youth Program in December was well received. Approximately 30 adults from the area attended and heard the glorious gospel message. On Sunday December 19 we had the great joy of baptizing 6 young believers. Andrew Bergsma paid an appreciated visit in late December. Our faithful brother and sister, Bryon and Joanne Meyers, have prayerfully decided to leave their secular employment of many years to work full time in the Lord’s business. They have been a great help to the Arlington assembly over many years. Bryon is a very capable brother in the Gospel, ministry, youth outreach, and has a tremendous care and love for all saints. Their hospitality is well known throughout the community The Arlington Assembly heartily commends the Meyers to this great work.

Marysville: Bryon Myers and Tom Hoy will be sharing in a gospel series at Shoultes Gospel Hall beginning January 30,2000. Please join us in prayer for God’s blessing in these meetings.


San Diego: Joel Portman and James Beattie started in the gospel here on January 2.


Phoenix: The Sunnyslope assembly appreciated a week of edifying and encouraging ministry in December with Jim McColl and Bill Lavery. Also, prayer is requested for purposed gospel meetings beginning February 20 with Jim Beattie and Tom Hoy Eric McCullough and A. Davidson expect to start gospel meetings with the Garfield assembly on March 5, DV.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: The saints appreciated a week of ministry by Bill Lavery in November, and also three nights of ministry by Walter Gustafson.


Willmar: Jerry Jennings and Lorne Mitchell were planning to start in the gospel on January 9.


Antioch: Jerry Jennings and Robert Orr concluded meetings here on December 15. One soul professed to be saved.

Garnavillo: Two weeks of gospel meetings in early December with Murray McCandless resulted in a mother and two daughters professing.

Hampton: In December, the assembly was encouraged with a week of profitable ministry by Joel Portman on the book of the Ephesians, a visit on a Lord’s day by Robert Orr, and a young man being added to the fellowship.

Stout: The Thanksgiving Day meeting was a time of fellowship and blessing with good timely ministry and attendance.


Black Earth: John Slabaugh visited the assembly for profitable ministry on the first weekend of December. On December 12, the believers assembled and distributed fruit baskets to contacts in the area, in anticipation of the gospel series starting January 9.

Brodhead: Roy Weber and Robert Orr are starting in the gospel on January 23, D.V.

Egg Harbor: Jerry Jennings had a night of ministry on December 29.

Mt. Sterling: Please pray for gospel meetings starting January16 with Walter Gustafson and Gary Sharp.

Waukesha: Gospel meetings with George Patterson and Ed Miller closed after almost six weeks on December 14. The saints have been very encouraged as the Lord’s hand was seen in blessing both in salvation and restoration.


New Lenox: Gospel meetings with Art Ward ended on December 17. God blessed in the salvation of a young man during the last week. He and a teenage boy saved earlier in the series have shown much interest in knowing more of the Word of God and the assembly.


Fort Wayne: Matthew Smith, helped by Jackson brethren have followed up the responses that were received from the Seed Sowers effort in the early summer. One of these contacts has offered the use of a building in the area of the city where there is an interest. Gospel meetings are planned several nights a week throughout January, February and March.


Jackson: William Lavery paid an appreciated visit to the assembly in late December. Prayer is requested for gospel meetings with David Oliver and Norman Crawford in March.


Akron: Visits from Bob Surgenor and Fred Bartlett cheered the assembly.

Mansfield: The assembly was encouraged by four believers obeying the Lord in baptism. Robert Surgenor was with them for the meeting. They saints also had the joy of seeing two added to the fellowship.

North Carolina

Hickory: Mr. Oswald MacLeod has recovered sufficiently to be able to be at the breaking of bread. Prayer is requested for our highly esteemed brother and his wife.


Methuen: The believers appreciated the visits of A. J. Higgins for our monthly Bible Reading on 1 Timothy 3 on December 12, and Dale Vitale for the gospel on December 26.

Other Countries


John Short writes in December, “I have personally faced arrests on the mainland on two occasions this year in relation to our ministry among the persecuted and harassed house churches. This experience is but our privilege to stand with our brethren and sisters for Christ’s sake. We look to the Lord to be found worthy of the Kingdom of God for which so many also suffer. Patience in suffering is the way of life in China.”


As of the first week of December, H.A. Wilson writes, “Two young local brethren and I are in the fourth week of a series of gospel meetings in our own garage. There is great indifference, but a few from the area have come along and we trust that others will yet take advantage of the opportunity of hearing words whereby they may be saved. A young lady has professed and her mother is also attending. Her sister has come once or twice, but her father and brother have not yet come in. We are making preparations for our annual Bible Readings in Porto Alegre during the last week of this month, D.V.”


Guayabitos: About sixty believers from Canada and the U.S., helped by as many Mexican believers, were engaged in a Seed Sower effort covering over twenty villages, towns and cities along the Pacific Coast between Tepic and Ixtapa. The gospel was preached in the open air and well received in several of these towns.

Ixtapa: On December 12th, eight weeks of fruitful gospel meetings ended here.

Matilde: Harrys Rodriguez had a week of children’s meetings at the year end. An assembly is expected to be established here at the end of January of this year.

Puerto Vallarta: David Oliver, John Dennison, Dr. John Thropay and five brethren labouring full time in Mexico were present for their conference on December 17, 18, 19. Over three hundred believers were present. Nine obeyed the Lord in baptism.

N. Ireland

The following conferences were held over the Christmas and New Year period:

Ahoghill: A large number were present and four brethren ministered God’s Word on January 1.

Ardmore: The assembly here held a ministry meeting on Saturday, January 1 with good attendance and interest.

Belfast: In the annual two day Belfast Christmas Conference, Bible Readings were conducted in the afternoons by J. Stubbs and R. McKeown with a session for ministry in the evenings when a number of brethren ministered the Word. Albertbridge Road: The small assembly here held their New Year’s conference beginning New Year’s Eve, continuing through until the following Monday night. Quite a few brethren took part and the assembly was encouraged.

Buckna: On December 27, the hall was full with ministry of the Word by five brethren.

Gransha: The brethren here held their annual Christmas Day conference. Numbers were a little smaller than in previous years. A number of brethren ministered God’s Word to profit.

Kilkeel: The annual conference was well attended with a good number of brethren taking part in ministry

Newtownstewart: The Annual Bible Reading and Conference was held on New Year’s Day Bible Reading was led by Jim Allen followed by ministry of the Word by various speakers.


Tobolsk: Jesse Fitch writes, “Following a series of eight weeks of gospel meetings in Tobolsk in July and August, brethren Louie Smith and Howard Pratt had a month of ministry on Church Truth in October. In November, I continued with ministry and gospel from Romans. Christians also from the Kaskara assembly, four hours to the south of Tobolsk, came on two occasions for ministry and the baptism of seven believers. Several brethren plan to return this winter and spring to further teach the young saints. The prayers of the Lord’s people are greatly appreciated.”

Conferences. D.V.

Mt. Sterling, Wisconsin

March 25 and 26. Bible Reading Conference will be held in the North Crawford School, 4 miles north of Gays Mills. Prayer meeting March 24th at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall. Meetings start at 10:00 am. on Saturday, Breaking of Bread at 10:00 a.m. on Lord’s Day. The subject will be 1 Peter. For accommodation please contact corr. Richard M. Dudgeon (608)734-3639, e-mail: Outlines of the subject and order of meetings will be sent on request.

Stout, Iowa

April 8 and 9 in the Gospel Hall with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30p.m. First meeting on Saturday at 10a.m.. On Lord’s Day, Bible Reading at 9a.m. on John 20 and 2 Corinthians 5:1-9, with Breaking of Bread at 10:30a.m.. Corr. Gary DeGroote, 28073 West Brook St., New Hartford, Iowa 50660. Tel (319)983-2713.

Kapuskasing, Ontario

April 22 and 23 at the Kapuskasing Education Centre, 61 Devonshire, Kapuskasing, Ontario. Prayer meeting on Friday, April 21, at 7:30p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 154 Mill Street, Kapuskasing. Bible Study on Matthew 6:9-15, “The Lord’s Prayer”. Corr. Gilles Plourde, (705)335-4974 and Gerald Labelle, (705)335-3712.

Toronto, Ontario

April 21,22 and 23 in Birchmount Park Collegiate, 3663 Danforth Ave., Scarborough. Meetings each day at 10 (except Lord’s Day), 1:30,3:30 and 7:15. Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 pm in Victoria Park Gospel Hall, 1266 Victoria Park Avenue. Bible Readings on Devotion to Christ (1) in our individual lives, (2) in our assembly lives, and (3) in view of His coming again. Corr. Don Jennings, 53 Karnwood Dr., Scarborough, ON, MiL 2Z7, (416) 757-7019, and Robert Reilly 30 Caronridge Cres., Agincourt, ON, M1W 1L2. Tel (416) 499-0829. Note: Breaking of Bread will be in the various Gospel Halls.

Additions to T&T Address List, June 1999

Bryon Meyers 6125 – 208th Street N.E. Arlington, WA 98223

Change of Correspondent

Strongville, ON, Doug Black, Box 111, Midhurst, ON, LOL iXO, Phone (705)721-7638

Vancouver, B.C., Woodland Drive Assembly: Ralph Morton, 487 Vienna Crescent, North Vancouver, B.C., V7N 3B3, Phone (604) 986-6114.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Longueuil, Quebec, Mario Plante, 2524 St-Georges, Longueuil, Quebec, J4K 4B4, Phone/Fax (514)679-7501

Change of Meeting Times

Stout, Iowa, Prayer and Bible Study is now on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

With Christ

Mr. James Moore of Glengormley, N.I., on November 8, age 76, having endured with remarkable patience and fortitude a very debilitating illness over 18 months. He will be greatly missed in the assembly where he was a respected overseer for 40 years. He sought to guide the saints in the right ways of the Lord and showed earnest care for all. The large funeral, representative of many assemblies in N.I., was a fitting tribute to the esteem in which he was held. Tom Meekin paid tribute to his work and worth, and J.G. Hutchinson and A. Aiken shared the funeral service. Prayer is valued for his wife Mabel and family, all saved.

Mrs. Gladys Weimann (Braithwaite) of Sunnyslope, AZ,on December 7, age 79. Our dear sister was saved in April 1940 and received into the Manchester, CT assembly soon after. She moved to Pheonix in 1946 to enter nurses training, and married Paul Weimann in 1947. Galdys was one of the original number of the Sunnyslope assembly and continued faithfully with her husband until declining health necessitated a move to a care facility She will be remembered for her faithful giving out of tracts. She leaves her husband, daughter Paula, and 3 grandchildren. Many relatives and friends heard faithful words at the funeral.

Arnot Johnston of Strongville, ON, on December 10, age 76. Our beloved brother was a faithful elder and correspondent of the assembly He was born Sept. 23, 1923 and born again May 13, 1940. He continued faithfully in the assembly for over 58 years. He is survived by Dorothy, his wife of over 50 years, daughters Nancy, Sharon, Helen, son Jim, their spouses and twelve grandchildren. The very large funeral was taken by brother Larry Steers with Mr. William McBride at the graveside. Please pray for Dorothy and the family.

Joseph Thompson of Vancouver, B.C., on December 24, age 84. Our brother was saved March 29, 1929 and was active in his service for Christ from the start. He was an able expositor of the scriptures and took an active part while in fellowship in Everson, Okanogan and Tacoma, Washington. After moving to Vancouver, he was a respected elder in Woodland Drive for 26 years and then spent the last 8 years in North Vancouver where he is greatly missed. He leaves his beloved wife, Maijorie, four daughters and their families. The service was shared by Allan McCurrie and Gaius Goff.

John Charvat of Bancroft, ON, on December 26, age 93. Born again in 1924, our brother immigrated to Canada in 1935 from eastern Europe. He settled first in Manitoba where he was in fellowship at St. Andrews and greatly blessed by the ministry of the late Alex Wilson. He moved to Toronto in 1942 where he was in fellowship at various times with the saints at Brock Avenue, Pape Avenue, and Mimico Gospel Halls.

Miss Elizabeth Heidman of Orillia, ON on January 6, age 92. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 16 during a series of gospel meetings at Pape Avenue in Toronto. Of a meek and quiet disposition, she was faithful to the assembly all her days. Just a few days before her homecall, she recounted her conversion to an assembly visitor with clarity and conviction. The small funeral was taken by Andrew Adams.

Wills and the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust

The Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust can be named as a beneficiary in your will and all money received by the Gospel Trust from your estate will be distributed promptly. The basic principles which are followed in the distribution of estate funds are as follows:

l. If there are specific instructions in a will, the trustees follow these instructions implicitly.

2. If there are no instructions in the will but the executor of an estate gives instructions to the Gospel Trust, the executor’s instructions are followed.

3. If there are no instructions in the will or from the executor, but the person leaving the will has used the Gospel Trust in the past, the trustees are guided by his or her previous exercise.

4. If there are no instructions whatsoever and the person leaving the will has not used the Trust previously, the trustees distribute the fellowship as the Lord may guide.

A lawyer will be able to assist you in drawing up your will exactly as you wish it. The addresses for both the Canadian and US trusts are shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover.