Gospel: This Was Their Story – Albert W. Joyce

From March, 1982, T&T

I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior in the month of May, in the year 1905, at the age of eight and a half, in the town of Portobello, near Edinburgh, Scotland. My mother and father were saved and in assembly fellowship before I was born. From my earliest remembrance, I went to the Gospel Hall and heard the Word in the Sunday School and saw the Bible honored in our home.

My first recollection of the Holy Spirit’s dealing with my soul was in Dunfirmline, Scotland, when in the absence of our parents, we children thought that the Lord had come for His own and that we were left behind for judgment. The return of father and mother relieved our terror, but an impression remained in my soul.

We moved from Dunfirmline to Portobello, and God again spoke to me. My brother Alex, who was my senior by two years, trusted Christ, leaving me more lonely and troubled than before. Outwardly carefree, I inwardly longed to have what my brother had.

One never-to-be-forgotten night, I saw my brother kneel at our bedside to pray. I crawled into bed, utterly miserable, pretending to go to sleep, but thinking all the while of that verse, “I tell you, in that night two shall be in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left” (Luke 17:34). Mother came into the room to say goodnight and I heard my brother say, “Mother, I believe Albert is troubled; let’s pray for him.” They thought that I was sleeping, but I listened to every word. That prayer melted my heart and removed all pretense of sleep. As mother rose from her knees, she saw my distress and inquired as to the cause. “I want to get saved now,” was my reply.

The Scriptures were opened, and my mother read some of the well known, often used, Gospel verses that have brought multitudes to Christ, but all was dark to me. I knew all these verses, and I always believed they were true. “How can I believe any differently?”

Finally, I was turned to Isaiah 53:5 and 6. In verse 6 I saw myself as a straying, lost sheep and in verse 5, I saw the Savior as the One who was wounded for my transgressions. Losing sight of my believing and my fears, I saw that Jesus was wounded for me. God’s Word was enough. God was satisfied, and I rested there. For well over seventy years I have know the blessedness of sins forgiven and peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of our readers are aware that this is the conversion story of the founding editor of the Truth and Tidings. We have seldom ever known a man in whom God was pleased to manifest the gifts of soul-winner, shepherd and teacher to the degree that these gifts were seen in Mr. A. W. Joyce. His many years of gospel preaching during which he was used of God in the salvation of so many souls only added to his compassion and shepherd care for lambs and sheep. May God raise up others whose lives will be patterned after this godly example!