Some Meditations For 2000

God Has His Man

In Psalm 105:17, we read, “He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant.” He had a slave in Egypt ready for the work of deliverance. Then in verse 26, “He sent Moses His servant,” not now for a deliverance in Egypt, but the deliverance from Egypt. Should we not be praying earnestly that God may raise up men of like caliber in this our day!

Thy Salvation

The birth of the promised Sayiour so thrilled the soul of Simeon, that he said, “Mine eyes have seen thy Salvation.” What a testimony Simeon had, just and devout, “waiting for the consolation of Israel”. His blinded vision opened to behold the Lord Christ, in the Babe he saw the deliverer. What he saw by faith was “Thy Salvation“, the work complete, not knowing the enormous cost.

Thy Triumph

There was a time when there was such a multitude gathered to hear the Lord that they trod one upon another. He did not try to woo the crowd; He spoke to them to awaken their consciences to repentance or stir them to anger. He did not welcome this as an hour of triumph, as we would have done, in fact He was indifferent to their clamor. His hour of triumph was in rejection, when He was all alone, when from the cross He cried, “It is finished.”

Our Times

There is a great need for times of visitation from God, for “times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.” There is so much in our fleshly natures and around us in the world to keep us upon a low spiritual plane. It is so easy to, “Go with the tide,” but that is not going to bring blessing from God nor a spiritual response from the hearts of the Lord’s people.

All the resources of heaven are at our disposal. Let us pray for restoration, that we may walk our pilgrim pathway in the joy of the Lord. Truly the most blessed place for the believer is “Outside the camp unto His dear Name!”

Waiting on the Lord

Isaiah tells us that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, will mount up as eagles, will run without wearying and walk without fainting. How we need to encourage one another to simply wait on the Lord that our every need may be supplied in the path ahead that He can see and we cannot.

A Precious Thought

“I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Mr. Newberry translates, “I will in no wise leave thee nor in any wise forsake thee.” This blessed promise will not fail. Let us lay hold of it in simple faith and derive strength and much encouragement from it for whatever lies ahead! It never gets bedraggled or worn, nor outdated.